The 3 Tips On How To Use Youtube As A Marketing Tool

Youtube As A Marketing Tool
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Whether you are a small business or influencer, once you understand that you should be using Youtube to make commercials for your business, you are able to use it to its full potential. Many people think about making money on Youtube through ads or by getting sponsorships. Although this is a good way to earn money, if you have a service or product you are selling you can make much more than you can by running ads on your videos. 

Video is a powerful marketing tool and Youtube is the preferred platform to use to promote your business. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. If you have something to sell you need to be using Youtube to help market it. In this article, we will go over several ways to do this. 

1 – Optimize the Channel

The first thing to do is make sure that the channel itself flooks as professional as possible. This means that you should have a good logo that represents what your brand is all about. The channel About page should also have plenty of information, so create Youtube banner that has some information such as when the videos are published. Tell a bit about your story and what you are hoping to achieve with the channel. 

You should also take some time to create some playlist in which you organize content so it is easy to find and binge watch if people choose to do that. Your channel is going to represent you so it’s important that it looks well done and organized. 

2 – Make Helpful Content

For you to gain trust with your audience the content you make has to help them solve their problem. This will give them the incentive to want to continue the relationship further and possibly become a client or customer. 

If you can help them with something by way of a free video then they will imagine how you can totally solve their problem by paying you for your service or product. A helpful video is one that lets the viewer know that you understand what their pain point is and that you have the solution to the problem. 

They will get confident the more that they watch that their money will be well spent by hiring you as a result. 

3 – Have a Funnel Ready

To properly make money using Youtube you need to have your funnel up and ready to collect emails and move people through the buyer’s journey

Your Youtube channel is merely the top of the funnel where viewers enter and then come out the other side as customers or clients. The way to make money is to give them an incentive to leave Youtube and come to your landing page. Usually a lead magnet, or free offer will get them to come over. 

Then, curate more helpful content that takes them through the different phases of the buyer’s journey until they are ready to make a purchase.

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