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A research paper is a piece of paper that reflects a person’s position and presses the audience into its truthfulness. Research writing may be a struggle but it can become an integral aspect of the academic and career toolkit with a little practice. The outline is its skeleton. It provides a structure. Following that structure, a writer can pen down the information in an organized way. 

You may need to take several pre-writing actions before starting with an outline. It would be effective in composing an outline of the best quality and, as a positive, a great academic work. There are multiple ways to write an impressive outline, which is based on three main parts: the introduction, the body, and a conclusion.

But, there are few pre-writing steps that a writer should take to create the finest quality outline. The writer should keep these in view, to pour the information flowing in his mind in separate and categorized boxes. 

Why Outlining Is Important

Outlining your research work will be a simple way of ensuring sure that each of the paragraphs has a specific role in the article. While reviewing potential topics, you can consider ways to merge or eliminate. An outline provides a structure for your article, as well as helps with organizing, convenience, and performance. 

It helps you to fully grasp the flow of knowledge in your analysis and assures completeness. The study itself seeks to clarify your stance on the subject and include organized well-documented, and reliable results. Here is a clear overview of the  7 tips which can help compose a winning research paper outline are the following:

Selection of Topic

Successfully selecting a research paper involves meeting the unique objectives laid out for you. Make sure you grasp the function of the assignment fully before actually initiatingSelecting a topic is a major factor when starting a research paper.

The writer should be sure about the exact point of discussion to write more briefly about it, which should be attractive enough to appeal to the readers. A writer should select the topic according to his self-interests and strengths, rather than weaknesses.

Introduce Your Argument

When a writer selects his topic, he should state the point of his argument. The one starting an argument should ask from himself, either the argument is to the point or pointless? 

If the topic on which the argument is going to take place can provoke a meaningful discussion and bring a change afterward or not? The importance of the argument should be clear enough to himself, to convince the readers that why it is important to them too.

Interpret the Audience

The writer must understand and think about the readers, who shall judge his research paper. He should question whether the one who reads will support his argument or not? And for that, he must choose the language wisely, which shall satisfy the readers and win their hearts. The style and tone should be according to the audience you wish to convince, either formal or with the use of jargon.

Carry Out Research

The writer must supervise proper research, as a research paper without a research process doesn’t exist. He must find ample secondary and main reliable sources regarding your study read all of them carefully, and find relevant facts to support your thesis. A researcher must be aware of its counter-arguments and evidence supporting them, to play against those. He should dig deep down into the research to stand against the counter-evidence through all the resources available for the research. 

Ensure that you are using a particular version of a design guide. To stop plagiarism, it is important to reference all sources you used to quote, paraphrase, and summarize. Following this method might save the writer from downfalls in argumentation.

Arrange the References

After completing the research, a researcher should mention references to provide evidence about the significance of the research. The writer should prioritize the references according to the information he has stated. It shall make the research strong enough to win the argument. Based on the significance and validity of the thesis statement you will assign them preference.

In the original document, depending on the study advisor, accept the rules.  You can need to select between using in-text quotes or footnotes while quoting sources from articles, papers, and web resources.

Review the Information

When done with the evidence and research method, the writer should review all the points, facts, and figures, and make sure that everything is according to the argument and to his point of view. He should check that he has not left anything unmentioned or unexplained.

The aim is to ensure that you have accomplished all the required activities and that the document is as clearly presented as practicable throughout the editing and reviewing phase. The points mentioned should have proof or evidence with every small detail to satisfy the audience.

Summarize the Argument

The last and main part is the method of conclusion, which should contain all the points of the argument but in a summarized form. Many research papers end with a statement of a revised study. It will help the writer to call to action and help the readers to digest the main idea or research. This part does not need a detailed explanation instead, the writer just conveys a strong message to the readers. 


A research paper overview is a valuable method for assisting with writing methods. It offers a framework to adopt and all the material to be explicitly incorporated through the document. And the points stated above are salient features of producing a victorious and appealing research paper outline. 

Therefore, a researcher should essentially integrate such points while assembling all the accumulated knowledge from personal learning. He should carry intensive research from diverse resources. When a researcher will ensure and take all points into account. He will be able to effectively put his research in a captivating presentation. And convince the readers to his point of view by winning the argument.

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