worst time to visit Colorado

Like any popular tourist site, Colorado does, however, have less appealing seasons. You need to become prepared for the worst time to visit Colorado if you want to have the most of your trip. In Colorado, the winter season typically lasts from November’s middle to mid-April. The busiest and costly times of a year to travel are the vacations especially around Christmas and the start of the new year. If at all possible, attempt to travel to Colorado between the low season months of October and April. Hotels and tourist destinations will be less crowded and more affordable. Colorado’s natural beauty may still be enjoyed without breaking the budget.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Numerous savings are available for winter travel to Colorado. For instance, many ski resorts will offer you a price on hotel and lift tickets if you make appointments in advance. Discounts are also offered for things to do like snowmobile, sledding, and ice skating. Additionally, think about getting a Colorado Places pass, which could assist you save up to 50% on entrance fees, if you want to visit multiple locations.

Layer your clothing. Because Arizona may experience extreme cold during the winter, bring a lot of clothing that is snug. Since you’ll certainly be walking outside a lot, you should also bring a pair of appropriate walking shoes. If you’re not acquainted with it, it could take some time to adjust to the altitudes in Colorado.

Worst Time To Visit Colorado

There is never a “bad time to visit.” Colorado because there is a benefit for travelers in every season. But if we had to pick the least enjoyable period to travel, it would probably be March.

Since Colorado is still experiencing frigid temperatures in March, sudden snowstorms that prevent travel are still a possibility. Due to a spike in travel during Spring Break, flights and hotel rates are substantially higher in March. 

If you visit Colorado in March, you’ll experience numerous drawbacks and few benefits. March is one of the worst time to visit Colorado due to heavy Spring Break crowds, increased airfare and lodging costs, longer waits at restaurants and retail establishments, and erratic, snowy weather that can quickly turn stormy. 

But if you’re determined to go in March, you can still have a blast snowboarding, skiing, and taking in stunning views of the snow-covered landscape at one of the state’s many ski resort communities.

Additional Considerations

Although Colorado is spectacular, vibrant, and beautiful, there are some negatives. The following is a list of things that the locals would warn you about before arrival. This will be helpful as you get ready to travel! 

Watch out for indications of altitude sickness

Because Colorado has some of our nation’s lowest elevation locales, altitude sickness is frequent among travelers who are accustomed to lower elevations. Headaches, extreme thirst, nausea, and exhaustion are possible when traveling to the country’s higher elevations. Drink a lot of water, give yourself time to acclimate before trekking into higher ground, move gently, and take it easy to avoid getting altitude sickness. 

Marijuana Used for Recreation Is Accepted

So, if you visit Colorado’s breathtaking natural surroundings or energetic city, be ready to see individuals smoking marijuana (and to smell the unmistakable skunk scent). Visitors who use marijuana would love this. However, if you’re bringing children or simply don’t want to be around cannabis, you should be aware of this. 

Bring the Right Equipment

If you want to enjoy Colorado’s vast outdoors, be sure to have the necessary gear. For hiking, you’ll need sturdy shoes, summer sandals, and lots of layers of clothing that you can take off or put on as the day – evening weather fluctuates. Pack adequate warm gear for your trip to a ski resort in the winter, including snow footwear, hats, gloves, plus scarves. 

Fire Bans Are Frequent

Nothing is more enticing to those who love the outdoors than camping in the Rockies. But even in the height of summer, overnight lows drop significantly, and in Colorado’s most well-liked camping regions, fire restrictions are frequently in place. The absence of a campfire on chilly nights could make your camping trip miserable. So before you complete organizing your camping vacation, check the area’s current fire bans. 

Observe Good Skier Behavior

Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on the unofficial “skier etiquette” you will be expected to adhere to if you plan to ski in Colorado. a few instances You must yield to the skier in front of you. Keep ski lift lines intact. On the elevator, do not use cannabis. Avoid crowding others on the slopes, and be careful not to crash into anyone at high speeds. And avoid skiing in places that are gated or roped off. 


In conclusion, despite the fact that Colorado offers breathtaking views and a variety of activities all year long, some seasons can be difficult for tourists. Avoid the harsh winter weather, the mud season’s mess, the summer tourist season, and the late summer and fall wildfire dangers if you want to make the most of your vacation and avoid the downsides. You may make your trip to Colorado more pleasurable and memorable by scheduling it during more opportune times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Winter in Colorado may not be the best season to visit if you’re not a lover of very cold temperatures. Road closures and frequent snow storms might cause travel plans to fall through.

In Colorado, the summer months (June to August) are often the busiest because so many visitors come during this time to take in the stunning scenery and engage in outdoor activities. During this time, costs will likely increase and crowds will grow.

Your preferences will determine the ideal time of year to visit Colorado.

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