Worst Time to Visit Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful Caribbean island nation known for its sunny beaches, lush landscapes, and welcoming culture. However, there are certain times of year when visiting Barbados may not be ideal due to weather, costs, and crowds. Here is an overview of the worst times to visit Barbados and why you may want to avoid these periods.

Rainy Season (June to November)

The rainy season in Barbados runs from June through November which coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season. During this period there is an increased chance of rain showers, storms, and potential hurricane impacts.

  • Frequent rain showers and storms can put a damper on beach days and outdoor activities
  • Hurricane risks increase during this period, which can lead to disruption of travel plans
  • Some attractions and restaurants may have reduced hours during the rainy period

Holiday Periods

Major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter are some of the most crowded and expensive times to visit Barbados.

  • Hotel rates and airfares usually see significant increases around the holidays
  • Popular restaurants and attractions will be very crowded and may require reservations well in advance
  • Roads and beaches will be more congested during the holidays

Crop Over Festival (July – August)

Barbados’ iconic Crop Over Festival takes place annually in July and August. This popular festival draws large crowds.

  • Hotels and flights are often booked up months in advance for the festival
  • Events and celebrations take place island-wide making things more crowded and hectic
  • Noise levels are higher and traffic is worse during the festivities

Cruise Ship Season (December – April)

The cruise ship season brings thousands of additional tourists when cruise ships dock on the island each week.

  • Attractions and beaches near cruise ports will be far more crowded on cruise ship days
  • Traffic near the ports is usually worse when cruise ships are visiting
  • Some coastal activities may be disrupted by cruise traffic


The rainy season in Barbados typically runs from June through November, coinciding with the Atlantic hurricane season. This period sees an increase in rain, storms, and hurricane risks.

Major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s and Easter often attract lots of visitors. Hotel rates, airfares, and demand for top restaurants usually increase around these popular holidays.

Crop Over Festival happens annually in July and August. The festivities and celebrations span about 6 weeks during the height of the summer.

The cruise ship season in Barbados generally runs from December through April. During this period there is a marked increase in cruise ship traffic and cruise passengers exploring the island.

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