Worst Time to Visit Bangladesh

Are you planning to visit Bangladesh? Do you want to explore Dhaka and try Bengali food? Then, you should have the concept of the famous places, Bengali food, cultural festivals, mangrove jungles, and much more. Today, we will debate on a very special topic that is; the best and worst time to visit Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is one of the South Asian countries, with a good percentage of tourists every year. It has these striking foliage and beautiful riverbanks. It is the delta of the famous rivers; Jamuna, Meghna, and Ganges. This muslin nation was divided from Pakistan a long time back. In the South, opens the Bay of Bengal which is one of the best spots to visit when in Bangladesh.

Some Attractions for Tourists in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is green enough and eye-catching when it comes to tourism. Some tourist spots are a must if you are in Bangladesh. These places are listed below which are loaded with tourists throughout the year, let’s have a view:

  1. Saint Martin’s Island
  2. Cox’s Bazar
  3. The capital; Dhaka
  4. Sreemangal and its tea fields
  5. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest which is a dense jungle that spreads to the Indian territory.
  6. Chittagong Hill Tracts
  7. The Lawachhara National Park
  8. Exploring the floating markets and bazaars in Barisal
  9. Archeological sites at Gaur
  10. Rangamati
  11. The Kaptai Lake in Rangamati
  12. Dinajpur and its Hindu temples
  13. Paharpur with all the historic places to explore
  14. Buddhist monastery known as Somapura Mahabihara
  15. The historic Bagha Masjid in Rajshahi
  16. Cultural Bengali festivals
  17. You can try Bengali food such as; Calcutta Biryani, Aloo Posto, Manshor Jhol (mutton curry in Bengali style), Ilish Macher Jhol (fish curry), some sweets as Sandesh, and much more to eat. Fish and rice would be a must as it is their traditional food.

A View on Bangladesh’s Climate:

The climate in Bangladesh is mixed and mostly monsoon-type. It has a rainy and hot summer season, but the winter is typically dry. Some of the areas in the country welcome plenty of rainfall throughout the year. The country also has heavy storms and cyclones because of the presence of sea sides. Most of the months of the year the temperature is hot in Bangladesh.

When Not to Visit Bangladesh?

Well, coming towards the discussion over the worst time to visit Bangladesh. As well have discussed above, the climate is a mixed monsoon type with hot summers. There are rainfalls in the summer period but that makes the temperature quite humid. Due to the humidity, the tourists are seen less in number. The worst time to visit Bangladesh starts in June and ends in August. These months have many rainfall and storms all around the country. Just imagine who would love to walk in raincoats and sogginess everywhere that can affect your health as well.

When to Visit Bangladesh?

If June to August are removed from the planning of visiting Bangladesh, then what is the best time? The answer is the period from November to March, which is the best phase to visit Bangladesh. You can enjoy all the outdoor activities in these months because of the moderate temperature. November is probably the month where you will find the greenery around you all because the heavy rains would have made the plants flourish. If you are planning to visit this stunning, green country, then you need to keep in mind the worst and best times to travel there.

Final Words

In a nutshell, there is a clear-cut idea given on the worst time to visit Bangladesh. You can go out for walks in such an amazing climate from November to March. You can even explore the mangrove forests or visit the historic sites. We have given all the reasons for when is the best time and when is not, now it’s up to you how you decide your vacation. To have a hassle-free vacation, keep an eye on the heavy monsoon times in Bangladesh.


What is the worst time to land in Bangladesh?

The duration of three months from June to August is not a good option to have a vacation in Bangladesh. The humid and hot temperatures in these months can ruin your vacation in many ways.

When is the best time for vacationing in Bangladesh?

The best period is probably the one from November to March. In these months the temperature is pleasant making it comfortable for tourists around the world. You can go for outdoor activities and enjoy yourselves.

Does traveling to Bangladesh cost a lot?

Not at all, compared to other tourist destinations, Bangladesh offers the best places to stay in and visit on a low budget. A tour of this country can be budget-friendly for sure. Yet, some high priced 5-star hotels can cost you more.

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