Worst Time to Visit Alaska

Alaska draws travelers and nature lovers worldwide because of its stunning landscapes and distinctive species. But organizing a trip to Alaska calls for some meticulous thought. Depending on the season, the weather might change drastically. You do not want to schedule your adventure for when it is most unwise to travel to Alaska.

Since Travel Guide Ideas sincerely cares about your trip, we will discuss the best and worst times to visit Alaska in 2023, as well as some helpful dos and don’ts, in this guide to help you have a memorable and pleasurable experience.

In Alaska, it can get exceedingly chilly

The freezing temperatures can be Alaska’s worst feature. Even when the sun is shining brightly, summer evenings are cold. Summer days are warm and enjoyable. Bring a jacket or sweater if you intend to be outside at night in the summer for activities like stargazing or nighttime hiking in national parks. Overnight temperatures during the winter (October through March) are significantly lower. 

Alaska’s Worst Season to Visit

In the opinion of all seasoned tourists and adventure enthusiasts, the worst time to visit Alaska is in the winter. If you have a trip planned between November and March, we advise canceling it. These months may seem like a good time to travel, but consider our arguments carefully before deciding.

Harsh weather

Alaska’s winters can be extremely harsh, with low temperatures and a blanket of snow. This is the time of year when traveling demands cautious planning for the bitter weather.

Only a Few Daylights Hours

The short daylight is the main obstacle to visiting Alaska in the winter. Your options for sightseeing may be limited because the sun might only be up for a short while.

Lessening of Outdoor Activities

Due to the weather, many outdoor activities are prohibited throughout the winter. Despite the popularity of skiing and snowboarding, some activities might take time.

Why Is Winter the Worst Season to Travel to Alaska?

Winter is the season and worst time to visit Alaska for several reasons.

  • First off, the weather is erratic and bitterly cold.
  • Any day of the week can get snowfall, and nighttime lows can go below zero.
  • This can make it challenging to move around and dangerous if you need to prepare.
  • Second, the wintertime has fewer daylight hours.
  • As a result, you’ll have less time to take in Alaska’s stunning scenery and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Last but not least, winter is Alaska’s biggest travel season.
  • Hotels and other tourist attractions will be more expensive and congested.
  • The ideal time to visit Alaska is probably not in the winter if you’re seeking a peaceful, relaxing getaway.

Take Care When Visiting Alaska in the Winter

In the country of extremes, Alaska, winter is no different.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather first.
  • Layering is essential since you want to be caught with adequate protection from the cold but also want to be able to shed layers if you start to feel too warm.
  • Proper boots are crucial as you’ll often walk on snow and ice.
  • Second, be conscious of the surroundings.
  • Before leaving, check the weather forecast and monitor the situation while you’re out and about.
  • Head for shelter if it appears that a storm is about to develop.
  • Be ready for anything, at last.
  • A safe and enjoyable winter vacation to Alaska is possible with some planning.

When is the ideal season to visit Alaska?

Summer is the ideal season to travel to Alaska. There are more things to do, longer days, and more excellent weather. If you want a more sedate, private encounter, visit in the spring or fall. There are fewer people, and the weather is still lovely. While there is always a good time to visit this magnificent state, the summer months are perhaps the greatest.

Summer, then? First of all, the weather is significantly more excellent.

The longer days also give you more opportunity to take in the Midnight Sun, a natural occurrence from May through July north of the Arctic Circle. Since there are no sunsets during this time, you have all day to enjoy everything Alaska offers. The state’s famous wildlife is most active in the summer, so your chances of sighting bears, moose, and caribou are higher.

Any time of year you decide to visit Alaska will be fantastic!

Although July and August in much of the state can be uncomfortable and hot, they are also the only months when you’ll feel a bit of summer sun on your face. Summer is the best time to visit Alaska if you like long days, breathtaking scenery, and lower temperatures (with potential rain). 

The days are often longer in the summer, giving you more opportunity to take in the scenery with more hours of sunlight than any other season in Alaska (save maybe winter). It’s also the bear season, which means many bears emerge from their dens in the early summer for food, such as salmon streams or berries. 


Alaska’s natural beauty is a double-edged sword that presents breathtaking views and challenging obstacles. Even while Alaska’s appeal is constant, there are some seasons of the year when traveling there can be more trouble than fun. 

Travelers have particular challenges during the gloomy winter, muddy spring conditions, mosquito-infested summers, tourist-heavy peak months, and unpredictable autumn weather. It’s essential to carefully examine the timing of your vacation and balance the benefits of visiting Alaska against any potential drawbacks to appreciate its grandeur properly.

Frequently asked Questions

When is the worst time to visit Alaska to see glaciers?

Although glaciers are always there, access might need to be improved by winter weather, which makes it challenging to see them.

Can I travel to Alaska during the winter?

Even during the worst season to visit Alaska, cities like Anchorage may have amenities, but only some outdoor activities are available.

What are the most significant obstacles to travel during the winter?

Extreme cold, a short day, and fewer outdoor activities provide difficulties.

Which month has the highest travel cost to Alaska?

June, July, and August are regarded as the high season. April is the cheapest month to travel from the US. To access the newest Alaska airline discounts, enter your favorite departure airport and travel dates in the search box above.

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