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The addictive online word game Wordle has become a daily obsession for millions. While Wordle’s simple format makes it easy to learn, solving the puzzle each day can still prove challenging. Luckily, the website Try Hard Guides offers a variety of free tools and tips to help you master Wordle.

An Overview of Wordle

For those new to the game, Wordle presents players with a 5-letter mystery word each day that must be guessed within 6 attempts. After each guess, the letters change color to show how close you were:

  • Green = Letter is correct and in the right spot
  • Yellow = Letter is in the word but wrong spot
  • Gray = Letter is not in the word

Using these color clues, players keep guessing until hopefully solving that day’s word. The goal is to solve in as few guesses as possible.

Using Try Hard Guides Wordle Solver

One of the best tools provided by Try Hard Guides is the Wordle Solver. This simple widget allows you to enter the colored clue letters you have so far.

The Wordle Solver will then generate a list of possible words that fit those letters. This drastically cuts down on wasted guesses and helps you solve each puzzle with precision.

The Wordle Solver is easy to use on both desktop and mobile. Just input the colored letters you have and get back every remaining option for that day’s word.

Daily Wordle Hints and Answers

For those who want helpful clues without outright spoiling the Wordle answer, Try Hard Guides offers a daily Wordle Hint. These hints provide some direction to steer you towards the right word without giving everything away.

Try Hard Guides also compiles the Wordle Answer History so you can lookup any past solution. Never struggle to remember an old Wordle that stumped you.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Beyond the Wordle Solver, Try Hard Guides has a Wordle Hub with a variety of tips to improve your skills. This includes strategy guides, the best starter words, how to track your statistics, and more.

There are also letter pattern tips, like words with “ING” or words with “U” as the fourth letter. These clues provide targeted help when you’re stuck on certain letter combinations.


To become a true Wordle master, be sure to utilize the free offerings of Try Hard Guides. The Wordle Solver tool provides a major assist when you need to narrow down remaining options. Combined with the daily hints and comprehensive strategy advice, you’ll be solving each Wordle in record time.

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