What are the Highlighted Comments on YouTube?

Have you ever come across the highlighted comments on YouTube? Do you know why they are different than normal comments? If not, then today we will give a detailed description of the highlighted comments and their specialty.

 YouTube has always been number 1 in every aspect of a software application. There are many features introduced recently on YouTube. The application is not what it was some years back. There are completely different features and updates regarding the app.

What is a Highlighted Comment?

The highlighted comment is a little more prominent than normal comments on YouTube. This is because these highlighted comments are kept in the top section as they are important. Browsing would be easy with this feature introduced by YouTube. “Highlighted Comment” is encrypted in small font above the comments. This indicates the difference between typical and highlighted comments. You will see this in the comments section of a video. Even a normal user can see it means it is not specific for the viewer and owner. It is for all the YouTube users.

How is a Highlighted Comment Advantageous?

The viewer is also in benefit because of the latest feature. In such a way that if a person highlights a comment, he or she would get a notification related to the comment. The replying process would be damn easy for the viewer.

The person who owns the video if he or she highlights the comment then it would be easy to deal with this specific comment in the future. You won’t just look after it in the bundles of comments on your videos. It is up to the content creator himself which comment he wants to pin on the video.

The other benefit is saving your precious time. Yes, the highlighted comment can save you time, just like the highlighted portion of a book. In books, you just read the things you have highlighted and that’s enough, the same is the case here. You will only deal with the important top comments on your videos.

How to Highlight a Comment on YouTube?

First select the comment you want highlight on your YouTube video. Once the comment is selected then select the timestamp. There would be a highlighting option. The person who commented will get a notification related to your act of selecting his comment as a highlighted one.


Well, we have given a detailed review of the highlighted comments on YouTube. Now, you will know what this term means, and how can you do this process. This newly introduced feature is an ease for the person who highlights and the one who comments. There are many examples in every single video on YouTube which you can come across.


What is a highlighted comment?

A highlighted comment is the pinned top comment that can be done to any comment from the comments section on YouTube.

Can a highlighted comment be removed?

Yes, a highlighted comment can be removed only by refreshing the URL to its original state. This is the best way to remove a highlighted comment. The & is most probably added to the URL to remove the highlighted comment.

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