What Does Copyright Claim Mean on Youtube

Do you know about the “copyright claim” introduced by YouTube regarding their material and users’ privacy? If not, then read this article to acknowledge yourself of all the things you need to know about this amazing policy.


Every company has a copyright rule that makes their work or product unique. No company admires the act of copying their ideas without having permission to do so. As a platform or company comes into existence, it organizes a well-made copyright rule as part of its policy. The same is the case for YouTube. YouTube is one of the well-known video streaming applications that offers a lot of stuff. From content creation to sharing videos and earning, every single act can be done on this amazing application. YouTube also has copyright rules and regulations, as being such a popular platform, none has the right to copy their content without permission. With a proper permission state, YouTube can collaborate with different other platforms and popular brands. Let’s discuss in detail the copyright claim of YouTube.

What is a “Copyright Claim”?

This is a claim which is against a person who copies any other person’s or company’s work. It is done when permission is not taken from the creator. The work may be a video, clip, audio, or even a book.

YouTube’s Copyright Claim:

There is a “copyright claim” made by YouTube plus there is also a feature of Content ID. Anyone on YouTube can claim that you have stolen or copied their data. This happens when your content matches the content of another YouTube user. This is in the form of notification which will be from YouTube. The owner can also not claim on the copywriter as if the content is in legal use. The owner can think over requesting for the claim. The Content ID scans for the copyright content as soon as it is activated. YouTube receives thousands of such notices but they filter them and select the valid ones.

 Difference Between a Copyright Claim and a Content ID:

Copyright ClaimContent ID
If the owner or real creator of a clip or image or any form or content takes notice against you for copying his or her work, he takes a TAKEDOWN NOTICE on the YouTube app.The Content ID is an automated system that manages the copyright issues regarding YouTube. It shows the material that is matching with the content of other people.
Too many claims can result in the Copyright Strike, where only valid issues are noticed.Content ID is different from the takedown notice against copyright.

Solution for this Issue:

If there is any similarity between two pieces of content, then you have to make a legal request to the owner to not claim on you. The request should be regarding the copyright claim. It takes around 90 days for this request.  


The “copyright claim” is the notice taken against someone who copies the content of other people on YouTube. You can even remove these copyright claims by requesting the creators of the original content. They would not make a takedown notice on you and you would be able to upload your content even though it matches others on YouTube.


Is the copyright claim legal?

Yes, this claim is by the policies of YouTube. The notice you take is the same as the rules made by this platform.

Is there any removal process for the copyright claims?

Yes, there is a full process that is made in removing the copyright claims on you.

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