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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Why Should you Prefer Using the WatchSoMuch Website?


During this widespread, people at home are engaging themselves in different activities. Many of them have started to watch series and movies. While the others are doing house chores. Thus, the users of torrents and Netflix have been increasing rapidly. However, there is some interesting website you should know about. It has been trending for a few days due to its various features and functions. It is known as the watch so much. 

You must be wondering what type of benefits does it provide? Why should you prefer using that website? Thus, this content will provide you with all the answers to your questions.

An Alternative to SevenTorrents

The movie enthusiasts among you must know the joy of watching HD movies at home, with their families. Moreover, they are also aware of every torrent that is worth using. Thus, the SevenTorrents rank in the top leading torrents. 

Later, the announcement of SevenTorrents about its retirement due to some issues left the users in devastation.  However, recently it decided and announced to shift their databases to another website called WatchSoMuch. Therefore, it is known as an alternative to the SevenTorrents. 


Moreover, it is a news of celebration for the fans of SevenTorrents, who grieved on its retirement as they can use the same ID and password on WatchSoMuch. 

Earlier Features

WatchSoMuch movies began with features of providing top torrents for any movie to download. Moreover, it accessed the feature of streaming for a few of the movies. However, it provided the HD print of many movies to free users. Whereas, it benefitted the VIP members with a full HD print of the movie. 

Along with that, while watching a movie, they would not see buffering on their screen as the movie would play smoothly while streaming with the powerful seedings of a server. However, these are features that WatchSoMuch provided at the beginning. Currently, it has improved and established more features for the ease of users. 

Latest Version

The current and latest version of WatchSoMuch offer exclusive features to its users. It comes with the option of not only downloading movies. It gives access to watching movies online through streaming. Moreover, it provides more than Thirty-five thousand movies and series, which includes the latest movies and series with approximately 400,000 torrents. 

Furthermore, it offers Hollywood movies dubbed in diverse languages, like Hindi, Telugu, and many more. Additionally, there is a wide range of format choices for each movie. It includes HD, Full HD, 3D, 4K, HEVC, and DTS, etc. 

Updated Software

Earlier users faced difficulty as they searched a movie through scrolling down. After going back from the movie list, they ended back at the top. Thus, they expressed disappointment as they would have to scroll again. 

However, the software update fixed this. Now, users will find themselves in the same scrolling position after returning from the movie list. Moreover, there were many issues regarding the report movie and request movie options. Thus, the management has fixed some of those bugs. 

Combo Plans

WatchSoMuch movies provide the benefit of VIP membership with the Express VPN membership. Thus, VPN is essential for downloading or for movie streaming for the best result. Therefore, the user must enable the VPN. 

Suppose someone does not have access to the VPN. WatchsoMuch offers the combo plan VPN Plus VIP. In that case, you only need to pay for a VPN, and you would get a VIP membership for free. Users would love the idea of being a VIP member due to the reason that this website gives access to many more features for VIPs.

Reviews From The Users

People have been turning toward the WatchSoMuch website due to its quick search engine and smooth streaming. Moreover, the users appreciate the variety of formats as they can choose any of them according to their preferences. Furthermore, there is not any report of data hack and malware yet.

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Thus the reason for their likeness toward WatchSoMuch is none other than the free source as you see that there are many more websites that offer all these features, but it is not for free. Therefore, the viewers prefer a free website for their entertainment as it saves expenses. 


Briefly, the WatchSoMuch website provides a better user interface that is friendly toward mobiles. Moreover, it gives the most accurate and efficient search results through a smart web search engine.

Furthermore, users are free to use this website. However, using VPN results in more benefits. Thus, critics predict that WatchSoMuch will rise further and appeal to many individuals in the future as owners state that WatchSoMuch will own a more lawful course to torrenting. 

Further upgrades in features will give the best results in comparison to other websites. So, won’t you prefer using this website?

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