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Rick and Morty is the most popular science fiction with a touch of a relatable family drama TV show of the last decade. Rick and Morty follow the hilarious and often distressing adventures through space and time. These adventures are of an alcoholic scientist and his grandson Morty. Morty just wants a getaway from his dysfunctional life at home.

As you know a good show requires good characters and Rick and Morty’s characters are among the best in any show. This show has the comedic brilliance and potential that gives the resonance of the character. This show is co-created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The director and writer of this dark series are Takashi Sano. Let’s have some insight into this show. And information about what is it that makes it unique and better than others.

Human Relations

Rick and Morty’s series have jet black humor that runs through the veins of this series. Apart from this, human relations also emerge around the moment of pathos and horror. Harmon, a writer, said that dishing out too much darkness without a glimpse of humanity would be an abuse of the senses. Moreover, he said it is not realistic to watch a show for so much time without seeing evidence of something that you have inside you, something that connects us all.

So this show makes everyone want to watch it more and more because of its characters and human relations too. You can watch cartoons online like Rick and Morty easily and it is just a search away.

Ricky’s Sociopath Behavior

The most lunatic and sociopath moments in the show tend to revolve around Ricky. The murderous and seemingly callous things he does during his adventures and trips with his grandson Morty. For example, within the first minute of the pilot, Drunk Rick is flying a hovercraft over a city. Moreover, he threatens to drop a neutrino bomb that will wipe out humanity.

Harmon said that if aliens attacked his granddaughter, Summer, and killed her, he did not picture Rick falling to his knees and cradling her body and crying Why God Why. Instead, he pictures him staring blankly at her corpse. And will do whatever he can do to replace her so her parents do not notice. He further said that sociopaths play life like a videogame. Hence, They do not know the difference between right and wrong. Similarly, we can see such behavior of Rick; he does not have emotions, and feelings are meaningless to him.

The character of Rick is the main thing and the whole show revolves around his murderous and lunatic behavior. To watch this magnificent animated show just go on google and type rick and Morty watch cartoons online. Afterward,  there will be various options on your screen to watch Rick and Morty.

Theme Song 

The theme song and tone are also unique with an inspiring and uplifting rock soundtrack and vivid visuals. The soundtrack gives chilling vibes and with the touch of intense music. The Rick and Morty songs are loud and goofy. Moreover, by just listening to the soundtrack the urge to watch the show increases. 

The opening theme song is classic and typically based on science fiction. Therefore, do not waste any minute and go to the websites where you usually spend your leisure time to watch cartoons online and watch this highly rated and trending show for free.

Mystery of Grandmother

Many of you have seen nearly every member of the Smith family throughout the series. But except for Ricky’s wife. According to Harmon, they have not given a lot of thought to that but now they are ready to reveal this mystery life anytime soon. Moreover, he said that they think it would be a mistake to reveal that she broke his heart. Further, he said that they do not want to withhold but they think that characters need to be real for you. 

Suicidal Characters

Mr. Meeseeks is one of the most popular characters in the series. He is the smiling blue creature who is summoned by a wish-granting box. He is always trying to suicide and death is his only end goal. Harmon said once in his interview that they are always thinking about more suicidal characters to add on.  


The constant fart and poop jokes have a point because aside from feeding into the show’s existentialist theme that a universe is a cruel place and nothing matters in the world, Rick makes the toilet jokes to use as a ploy when he recognizes that he is caring about someone other than himself. These jokes and humor keep the show hilarious and an escape from the tensed sci-fi moments. This show is witty, clever, and in its way very relatable to real life. 

Platforms to Watch

Each episode of all the four seasons so far is funny and makes you excited to get to watch the next episode. So to watch cartoons online Rick and Morty visit these websites and enjoy yourselves with the dark humor and amazing plot of this show.

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Rick and Morty is a well known and popular show of this era and is perfect in every dimension from the writing to the visuals and soundtrack. When you are watching this show you will be truly lost in it and it will wow you.  Every episode is unique and has logic and tactics.

Rick and Morty make an amazing team. This show is definitely a must-watch for anyone down for something different. The writers deserve some mighty accolades and appreciation. So animation and cartoon lovers, this show is the best to watch to gain your animation experience classy and full of excitement. You can watch cartoons online like Rick and Morty for free so what are you waiting for? Go and start watching it now.

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