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The demand for Anime watching websites is increasing every day. Individuals find it a source of entertainment as it offers animated movies, cartoons, and Tv shows. It is not so much different from Netflix. Today, many people are becoming anime fans and they want to know about the sites where they can watch anime easily and for free.

You can get a variety of websites that would give you access to the world of entertainment. If you wonder about it, you should continue reading this content.

Browsing The Anime Sites

You must be wondering how to find the anime website with the most users and check its pros and cons. Well, you do not need to worry as vast technology brings you many applications by which you can browse the top websites. Thus, using any search engine an individual requires searching by typing ‘watch anime online Reddit‘. It will show you the top websites that you can use. 

Watching anime online on Reddit would provide you with comments from numerous users. Eventually, they would lead you to the best site. 

However, if the watch anime online Reddit has no such material, you can post your query about finding an anime website. There would be plenty of people who would guide you about it. Many people have a discussion board there and you can read it to find out about it.


This website brings one of the best animations for the audience. Viewers often face the issue of not finding some genres at the site. So, if you surf this website you would find a huge variety of categories which include, action, drama, game, comedy, and many more. Watching anime online on Reddit also gives you an option for this website. 

Moreover, this website brings ease for the audience to find their favorite animation by the search engine. Users can search the current going anime, old anime series, and upcoming production as well. 

Additionally, you also have the option of filtering the Anime by the month, year, or day. This is not it yet. You would find the best quality to watch anime online as 9anime provides the original animation videos.


If you are looking for any particular anime series dubbed in some other language, you must visit the Gogoanime website. It brings the latest and old anime shows with other dubbed languages to make it enjoyable for everyone across the globe.

Moreover, users find it easy to watch anime as it is completely free of cost. If you visit this website it would offer you genres like horror, action, drama, kids, and cars. Furthermore, you can also find the latest released anime series either it is American or Chinese, by searching the day, month, or year. Additionally, you possess the chance to request your desired anime as well. 


Kissanime is one of the most known and reputable websites when it comes to anime streaming sites. Moreover, it does not only provide you a platform to watch anime online but also you can download the episode. So, you can watch the series even without the internet. 

Furthermore, it offers a variety of video qualities that ranges from 240p to 1080p. For those who find it difficult to catch words and sentences from the audio, it has brought the facility of subtitles. Additionally, sometimes users find a series worth watching but can not play it due to poor internet. In that case, they can add it to the later list. So, it would help them save time when they visit the website later. 

Most individuals must be wondering when it gives such facilities, there must be a requirement to make an account as Netflix requires. However, if you think that way, you are wrong. Kissanime is accessible to everyone who desires to watch anime online. But, if you need to download you would require an account. 


AnimeDao takes place in the list of most used websites when it comes to watching anime online. It scores the highest coming to video quality. Moreover, it has proved to be easily usable for individuals. 

Most individuals fear about privacy when it comes to such websites. So, to assure the audience, it is the most reliable website. You would find numerous contents to entertain yourself on lazy days. Also, you can adjust the video quality which ranges from 340p to 1080p. However, your internet speeds play a great role to play videos without buffering. 

However, the facility of subtitles can never be ignored by the users. It makes them understand the conversations easily without any hassle. 


This website is famous for facilitating the audience with an anime series. Especially, for the quality and fact that it brings the availability of new episodes rapidly that Japan releases. So, after an hour of release, you can visit this site and watch the latest episodes to lessen your curiosity.

Moreover, users can get access to it using any device. Either it is an android or iPhone, it doesn’t matter. However, to get rid of the ads, users need to get to the premium version. 


Most users have complaints about the series that there are not all the episodes. So, using this website offers you more than 45,000 episodes of any anime series. It would take you on an adventurous and entertaining journey by providing you genres like comedy, horror, and adventure. Thus, you do not need to pay for anything as it is free of any charge. 

Furthermore, if you have just started to watch anime, you must be wondering which one to opt for. To get an answer to your questions Anime-planet is the perfect platform. You would get reviews and recommendations from the anime fans here. 


In a nutshell, it is not that difficult to seek the top anime websites. The search engine results would bring a large number of websites for you. All you need to do is go through the pros and cons to select a website that goes according to your preferences. 

However, the above-mentioned are the most known websites for this purpose. So, you can go through them and enjoy the quality of animation.

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