Viral Phrases of Politicians That Made Even The Rivals Laugh

Viral Phrases of Politicians That Made Even The Rivals Laugh


Jawaria Zafar listened to PTI politician’s smoky speech in the National Assembly. The speech was very interesting which was full of humor and humor while explaining his political issues, he used a meme at the right time. Recently, she joins the renegade politicians of her party and, upon the comments of her colleagues, repeats with great amusement that sada kata kata ae te tada kata tomi, then goes on to say that tada kata to shiru hai. This sentence becomes viral. It should be noted that the name of Imran Khan’s dog is Shero.

His style of speech means a lot to any leader. Nowadays women politicians are also raising flags in the field of politics with their unique style. The enthusiastic style of politicians is what makes them famous among the people. Our aim here is not to offend any party but to discuss the speaking skills of politicians which may be part of their training before entering politics.

Just as there are different roles in the class in school, there are different roles in the assembly where you will find politicians who make good speeches and are very enjoyable to listen to. Yes, apparently you will find them to be enemies of each other, but these people enjoy each other’s speeches very happily, which is a welcome thing. Bilawal Bhutto and Shah Mahmood Qureshi had a very funny exchange in which Bilawal Bhutto says about Shah Mahmood Qureshi that as much as we know, you do not know much about Fazil Member Multan. 

what is The way all these sentences were drawn in a very traditional home style was very interesting. In response, Shah Mehmood Qureshi says with a hand gesture that I know him since he was so old and used to stand in the corner and listen to the banter. Bilawal says I have heard him chant Jai Bhutto slogans since childhood. The assembly members were amused by the banter. And it was also shown to the public on various channels.

Similarly, Fawad Chaudhry’s hilarious speech in June was seen in which he mocked the leader of the opposition’s preparations to become prime minister, saying that women also want to ask him for shopping advice.

Shahbaz Sharif speaking as the leader of the opposition in one of his speeches says that Imran Khan had said that the opposition in India has been walled, but he has chosen the opposition in the wall, including Imran Khan. All the members started laughing. At the same time, Shahbaz Sharif says that despite this, he will get the answer in the language of Anarkali.

Khawaja Asif makes fun of Zartaj Gul and says that why 92 comes in Pakistan’s phone dialing, then the answer is that 92 comes because we won the World Cup in 92. Then explain the na

me of bill gates that it is the bill that is inserted under the gate. We all know that Zartaj Gul is the talk of politicians.

Murad Saeed writes a poem for Bilawal “Why are you disgusted with Urdu, why do you love English so much? Leave this ratta yaar twinkle twinkle little star”. The whole assembly erupts in laughter.

Therefore, if the meme makers want content, then turn to the National Assembly and if you are bored, just put the proceedings of the National Assembly on YouTube. will Some use of these politicians!

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