Turkey Leg Hut owners net worth

The Turkey Leg Hut in Houston, Texas has become one of the most popular and buzzed about restaurants in the city. The huge success of Turkey Leg Hut can be attributed to owners Nakia and Lynn Price. Their net worth has skyrocketed thanks to the restaurant’s popularity.

Background on Turkey Leg Hut

Turkey Leg Hut first opened in 2016 in a parking lot at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. They quickly built a following for their delicious smoked turkey legs and other comfort foods.

In 2019, Turkey Leg Hut opened its first permanent location in Houston’s Third Ward. This allowed them to expand the menu and seating capacity.

The restaurant is now known for having lengthy lines and attracting celebrity visitors. It has become a cultural staple in Houston.

Nakia and Lynn Price’s Net Worth

As founders of Turkey Leg Hut, Nakia and Lynn Price have become millionaires. Their estimated combined net worth is $15 million as of 2023.

The massive success of the restaurant has allowed the couple to quickly amass wealth in just a few years. Turkey Leg Hut generates over $10 million in annual revenue.

The Prices also earn income from merchandise, cookbooks, and a line of spices and seasonings. Their empire continues to rapidly expand.

Turkey Leg Hut’s Growth and Success

Turkey Leg Hut went from selling food in a parking lot to opening a flagship location that sees over 4,000 customers daily. The restaurant has been profiled by major media outlets.

The owners have attributed the success to serving high-quality food with excellent hospitality. Turkey Leg Hut has become a pillar in Houston’s African-American community.

In 2022, the Prices were named winners of the Neighborhood Champion award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. They give back to the community through charity work.

About Nakia and Lynn Price

Nakia Price is an entrepreneur who previously worked in the auto sales industry. Her husband, Lynn Price, worked in auto repairs and customization.

Opening Turkey Leg Hut allowed them to combine their business savvy, cooking skills, and community connections. The Prices have said they never expected the overwhelmingly positive response.

Their net worth will likely continue rising as Turkey Leg Hut expands. The owners aim to keep spreading joy through food to more cities.

Turkey Leg Hut Net Worth Summary

Thanks to their breakout restaurant concept, Nakia and Lynn Price have joined the ranks of America’s wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs. As Turkey Leg Hut grows beyond Houston, their net worth is expected to steadily increase as well.

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