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On December 9, 1968, Tony was brought up in Los Angeles, California. She reared him since his parents split up while he was nevertheless a little child.

A Biography of Tony Berlin

His zodiac sign and date of birth are Libra, as he was born on December 9. Tucson, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California, in the United States, served as Berlin’s childhood homes. Speaking of which, his mother raised him and his older sister after his parents divorced when he was nevertheless a toddler. His mother’s maiden identity is unknown. Tony Berlin acquired automatic citizenship when he was brought up in the country. He is an individual of the White race with brown eyes, white complexion, and black hair. He also checked his stats at the last second and discovered that he was 74 kilograms and 6 feet 0 inches tall.

Tony Berlin Profile Summary

Tony Berlin

12 October 1968

Tucson, AZ, Los Angeles

61 Years Old

6 Feet

$4 Million

Reporter, Host, Media Sensation


Harris Faulkner

Cindy, Carolina

Tony Berlin's Company, Career, And Reputation

He has worked for reputable print publications like the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Time Magazine, and broadcast news channels like CNBC and Fox News. He worked as a producer for Cox Broadcasting’s DC Bureau before starting his own company. Due to his broad network and expertise, his PR company, Berlin Media Relations, rose to prominence.

He underlined the importance of having the right person in the correct position at the right time during an interview. He has become the founder and president of Berlin Media Relations via tenacity and diligence. 

They produce advertisement portfolios and advertisements for several companies on a variety of platforms, including television, radio, print, and the Internet, to increase their visibility. Possessing a solid placement and a suitable portfolio is the most excellent plan of action to help the firm advance. It also helps advertising by appropriately pointing companies.

Tony Berlin Height

Tony Berlin is listed as being 175 cm tall and about five feet and nine inches in height. He carries around 134 pounds or 61 kilograms.

Social Media by Tony Berlin

Regarding social media, he is not very interested in this celebrity trend. Except for his Twitter account, Tony Berlin appears to have yet to have an account on most social media platforms.Only a few more than 2.4k fans are now following him on Twitter. Meanwhile, his Facebook and Instagram profiles are either inactive or closed to the public.

Salary and Assets of Tony Berlin

As of 2022, Tony’s sources estimate his net worth to be approximately $4 million. His career in mainstream media is how he acquired this net worth.

Several details on Harris Faulkner’s husband

  • It is unknown what month and day exactly he was born.
  • Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin wed in 2003; as of this writing, they are still together and happily married.
  • They were blessed with two beautiful kids due to their successful marriage. All of their details, including names, are unknown.
  • According to Alpha’s estimate of net worth, Tony Berlin accumulated a $4 million net worth during his profession.
  • Harris, his wife, is a FOX news anchor for “Outnumbered” and a reporter for the network.
  • Christianity is the religion of Tony Berlin.

Is Tony Berlin married?

Tony Berlin is happily married to Harris Faulkner, another journalist. The couple’s affection blossomed while working as journalists at television stations in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Harris Faulkner had been an anchor for KSTP-TV, and Tony Berlin was a correspondent with CBS News. They found love in the busy world of journalism when their paths crossed.

 In April 2003, they were united in marriage in a charming celebration in Rio Rico, Arizona, close to Tony’s hometown of Tucson. Berlin with Harris Faulkner’s love story is a sweet reminder that sometimes the most satisfying relationships can develop while you do what you love the most.

What nation is Harris Faulkner a native of? 

Tony Berlin‘s wife, Harris Kimberly Faulkner, was born on the 13th of October 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the nation’s capital. She will be 57 and an American citizen as of 2022. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious California Santa Barbara University. Fox News Channel hired the US news anchor Faulkner in 2005. 

How did Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner initially become acquainted?

The story of Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner’s romance is evidence of fate and shared interests at work. While employed by rival TV stations in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2001, the two connected through a common friend. They had a strong sense of camaraderie right away, which led them to soon fall in love as well as become engaged.

 On April 12, 2003, they were married in a beautiful celebration in Rio Rico, Arizona. They have been gifted alongside two daughters, Bella and Danika, with whom they have nurtured as a loving family since then, and their relationship has grown stronger.

Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin’s relationship

The upkeep of a decent media reputation is one of the best things Berlin has ever done. The person has made several important contacts without rumors of his whereabouts with fantastic success. He hasn’t been the focus of any rumors or scandals up to this point. While working for ABC, he first encountered Harris Faulkner at the Minneapolis Karaoke Bar. 

After dating for two years, they married on the first of April 2003, in an insignificant resort wedding in Arizona. She now hosts the television program “Outnumbered Overtime.” Additionally, Harris is a well-known journalist all over the world.

She has received six Emmy Awards, including the Best Newscaster & Best News Special awards from 2005.One of the most excellent things Berlin has ever done is maintain a respectable reputation in the media. The individual has made several significant contacts with exceptional success without rumors of his whereabouts. So far, he has not been the subject of any rumors or scandal.

Richard Faulkner and Harris Berlin daughters

Richard Faulkner and Harris Berlin have two daughters named Bella and Danika. Berlin and Faulkner are raising two daughters. 2007 saw the birth of Bella. Danika, the younger sister, arrived three years later. The finest location for the baptism of their children was Arizona, according to the couple. Per Faulkner’s Instagram profile, Danika was christened in Tubac, Arizona.


His extensive media and communications career is a testament to his commitment, skill, and flexibility. He has made valuable contributions to the field as a journalist, broadcast broadcaster, & public relations expert. Berlin’s story should inspire aspiring communicators as it reminds them of the importance of captivating storytelling and the almost infinite potential of communications and media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tony Berlin’s political party is the Democratic Party. In journalism, Tony Berlin acts as a power to be feared.

By members and seats in parliament, the socialist party of Germany (SPD), the Christian Social Union (CSU), & the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) are in order of size.

Two girls were born to the couple. Danika, Bella’s younger sister, came into the world in 2009, while Bella was born in 2007.

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