The Top 20 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

best torrent sites 2020

The torrent sites are the best source for downloading movies, tv shows, music, videos, books, and many more without any cost. They give you access to that material, which is unavailable on the Internet. Many countries blame the illicit distribution of material on the Internet. If you are getting bored, especially during this pandemic, then you are on the right page. Here we are discussing the best torrent sites in 2020 that can help you for enjoying holidays.

How Does Torrent Sites Work?

It is really a good question. Indeed, these sites are just one part of torrenting ways. Thus the question that you should raise is how does torrenting work?

First of all, you have to click on the download option and then ask the website to tell the server to download the requested file in your device. In other words, you can say that a server hosts the file you are downloading.

The working style of torrent is completely different. It follows peer-to-peer technology rather than the server to the client system. It means, here you will connect directly to the host like you and me. There is no need for a server here. You can say people to people downloading systems.

Best Torrent Sites 2020

best torrent sites 2020
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No one should use these sites for illegal downloads. Always make sure that your downloading file is copyright-free. Below is the list of best torrent sites 2020. So, you will not face any legal issues in the future.

1. The Pirate Bay

It is one of the best torrent sites you will realize after using it. Normally, it is termed as the “King of Torrents”. Moreover, the Pirate Bay is a favorite torrent site due to downloading torrents off the Internet. 

There are millions of torrents for downloading movies, shows, music, video, and many more. Many users can skim without any difficulty through thousands of links, which are related to the searches. Resultantly they find the one that is best suited for their enjoyment.

They have a strong search engine. It can find just any content you are searching for. If Pirate Bay fails to work for you then you must check that your VPN is turned on?

2. YTS

It is the best choice for movies. YTS.am is also a famous torrent site. This site is actually an unofficial successor of the now-defunct YTS and YIFY group.

The features of these websites are the including classics and the latest releases. Because of its essential design and friendly user bond, the website is the best match for users but with limited bandwidth.

Moreover, this site is the go-to place for movie torrents because of its great video quality. Even these downloaded movies you get from YTS are easy on the bandwidth of any user. Thus, it became a favorite movie addict. YTS has an extensive user base that helps the BitTorrent protocol work for more battement.

3. 1337x – All in One

It is the third most popular torrent site of 2020, reported by Alexa, which is a traffic-monitoring tool. The website features a simple user interface with an organized path for each of its directories.

After every hour they upload fresh content on their website. This effort is making the website one of the most used torrent download sites. This site is not just featured as an excellent collection of movies, tv shows, audio, video, games, software, and music. Also, it helps the user to find what they are looking for.

Just like Pirate Bay, 1337X is a multipurpose source for downloading content and torrents of all types.1337x endure extensive changes for helping in the improvement of some security features. This results in ease of access to the users of this site.


It is a multipurpose site that was designed in 2008. RARBG started out as a Bulgarian tracker. While today it facilitates users for peer-to-peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol. This website gives torrent downloading options along with support for magnet files.

It holds thousands of active users daily. Also, they provide a lot of seeds. Moreover, you can enjoy both, latest and old, torrents making RARBG. It is the best torrent website for movies, TV shows, videos, and audio files, and many more.

Here you can browse for the content you desire. Otherwise, you can simply look up with the help of keywords for access through the search results.

It carries a highly effective torrent search engine. But, you have to make sure that you are entering the right keyword for finding the content that you want to download. RARBG regularly updates and adds advanced torrents on its website.

5. Nyaa.si

It is a great choice for anime and software. A Japanese torrent website Nyaa is dedicated to providing anime content. In 2017, Nyaa was shut down for opening a new pathway for Nyaa.si.

This site is fully featured for all kinds of anime videos and audios. Further, you can have easy access to them through the user-friendly alliance of the website.

By chance, this Anime torrent site is far most popular in the region of East Asia. Especially used in China, Japan, and Korea.

6. Torrentz2

Torrentz2.eu is free of cost. Its best quality is that it is a fast and powerful meta-search engine. Therefore, it combines results from thousands of search engines.

It features just clean and easy for navigating interface through an extensive torrent library that has more than 61 million torrents. Torrentz2 launched for stand-in as the original Torrent.

This site involves some features of the original Torrent website. It is the best reliable trackers available on the internet among all.


If you are one of those who had to spend years in the torrenting world, then you must hear about EZTV. This site is best for TV shows. It is a popular torrent provider, which is visible on almost every major torrenting site.

There are very few sites that are only designed for TV, EZTV is one of them. Thus you can find every TV show torrent for downloading from this site. Moreover, it is supportive for both, direct and magnet links download.

8. LimeTorrents

This is a multipurpose site. It is based on the reviews of the user. Moreover, this site holds one of the largest torrent databases. Any user can easily and rapidly determine that a torrent is worth downloading.

It features a user-friendly interface. This comes against bigger and better trackers. This website permits the user to look at the date, that the torrent was added. Also, keep an eye on its size, seeder, and the health meter of every torrent.

This website design actually meant for laymen along with experienced users. By entering the keywords, which contain the name about the type of content that you are searching for. Thus the site will automatically display the desired results.

9. Torrent Downloads

A large database and content merge with the straightforward yet detailed interface and make torrent downloads a batter choice. Its features include a variety of categories for downloading. Thus, this makes it a brilliant choice for downloading torrents.

The website provides the option for comment and rating the files. The idea of comments and ratings help in reducing fake files on the website and updating according to customer’s demand.


KATCR is the official all in one site for kickass torrent. It is also helpful for content downloading. It features a variety of torrents that are present for downloading movies, shows, games, and much more.

best torrent sites 2020
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Furthermore, the advanced version of torrents is updated into the database on a daily basis. Also, a lot of mirrors on this site exist. 

Its features are very simple to interface along with a one-search bar. It also has different categories, you can select that you like most. 

11. Zooqle

It is one of the best sites for movies and shows. Zooqle features an impressive database that is composed of almost greater than 3.5 million torrents.

It features a variety of audio, video, software, and many more torrents. The site gained popularity in these days, because of its database of between 37, 000 movies and 600+ TV shows.

The site is easy and simple in use. This site has a loyal fan base, which utilizes the website for regular downloads of torrents

12. Torrents.io

Despite the availability of several torrent websites on the internet, Torrents.io has been enjoying huge shoots in traffic. Many users visit daily for downloading.

Its features involve an enormous database of torrents. Also, it can easily download content. Moreover, they allow you to download software, movies, shows, and a lot more.

13. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy, a torrent downloading site that helps you in a searching torrent you are looking for. Its features include a fast and varied database.

It has a variety of categories for you, you can download it on your devices. This features books, games, movies, applications, documentaries, sports shows, and many more.

14. ETTV Torrents

There are few sites that have a huge database of TV shows and episodes, ETTV Torrents is one of them. All the viewers can find the latest TV shows.

ETTV Torrents is one of the best torrent sites that download movies. It gives you top video quality, books, software, and audio content.

15. Torlock

It is the best authentic torrent, also, a rare website. The sites feature a wide database of verified torrents. Its featured torrents are music, anime, and e-books among many other files.

Moreover, the interface of this website is clean and user-friendly. Also, it is updated regularly especially for new torrent releases.

This site claims that they have more than five million verified torrents. Moreover, they even feature a top 100 list thus, it shows all the famous torrent downloads.

16. Torrentfunk

Torrentfunk is also a popular site. This website doesn’t not only features the sizable database of torrents but also features the verification status indicator.

The verification status permits users for filtering through fake links. Additionally, select the one that could suit the best for their use. Besides the verification status, Torrentfunk features the most latest user review sections.

17. ETTV Torrents

ETTV is also dedicated to TV Shows. Those who are looking for downloading movies or software files, definitely need to try it.

You can get a lot of popular TV shows and episodes here. However, it does not have recently released episodes. As it requires a bit of time after releasing the episode.

ETTV is well known all around the world for torrenting. Its torrents are even available on other sites too.

18. BTDigg

It was launched in January 2011. BTDigg is the first and foremost BitTorrent DHT search engine. It can not rely on any torrent files.

Its features are simple retro interface, which can provide users along with the full-text search over the active torrents through the web interface.

19. iDope

Do you want to access both? Thar is Movies, TV torrent files. Although these sites do not have as many seeders as the top torrent sites on this list In spite of that, it’s downloading is still acceptably fast.

No doubt, magnet download can make sure that you could start downloading the content directly. You are not bound to download the torrent file first.

You can enjoy 1080p quality videos here. However, if you will compromise with small-sized videos in 720p, then there will be plenty of options for you.

20. Monova

The great torrent search engine. Its features involve clean and nice interfaces. Meanwhile, it allows users to access thousands of torrents on the internet.

However, this website features many advertisements, which can be an issue, but it is a good choice for downloading torrents. Furthermore, users are allowed to register on the website for uploading their own torrent files.


If you ever felt that you are out of options, movies are the best choice for fighting with leisure time. When it comes to accessing torrent sites then you can go online.

You can even take an idea through this article from where you should start downloading your movie. It will help you to entertain yourself.

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