Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Suzanne Somers is an American actress, author, singer, and businesswoman best known for her roles on the sitcoms “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step”. She has built a diverse career over the past 50+ years in the entertainment industry.

With her various business ventures and roles, Suzanne has amassed an impressive net worth. She continues to act while also focusing on health and wellness advocacy.

Suzanne Somers

Net Worth:
$105 Million

$150,000 an episode

Monthly Income:
$0.5 Million +


5′ 5½″ (1.66 m)
Yearly Income:
$6 million +


Birth Place:
San Bruno, California, United States

Frank Mahoney, Marion Mahoney

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Suzanne Marie Mahoney was born on October 16, 1946 in San Bruno, California. She had a rough childhood, growing up with an abusive alcoholic father. Her mother worked as a medical secretary to support the family.

Suzanne began modeling in her late teens which led to small acting roles. Her first big break came in 1969 when she landed a part on the sitcom “The Bill Cosby Show”. This opened the door to more TV opportunities.

Her career really took off in 1977 when she was cast as the ditzy blonde Chrissy Snow on “Three’s Company”. The role propelled her to stardom and she became a major sex symbol of the era. She was on the show until 1981 when she asked for a hefty raise.

Movie and Sitcom Fame in the ’80s and ’90s

After leaving “Three’s Company”, Suzanne continued acting in popular movies like:

  • She’s the Sheriff (1987–1989)
  • Serial Mom (1994)
  • Step by Step (1991–1998)

She also became the spokesperson for the Thighmaster in a series of infomercials which were widely parodied. Some of her businesses and endorsed products included beauty and weight loss programs.

Suzanne wrote several best-selling books about health, wellness and aging. Titles include: Ageless, The Sexy Years, and Suzanne Somers’ Eat Great, Lose Weight.

Her advice and advocacy on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and other alternative treatments made her controversial in some medical circles. But it furthered her mass appeal as an expert on health and wellness.

Overcoming Health Problems

In 2001 at age 54, Suzanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy and radiation therapy and has been cancer-free since.

She was misdiagnosed with full-body cancer in 2012 after receiving a full-body scan. It turned out to be a harmless condition, but the scare prompted her to write a book called “Tox-Sick”.

Despite these challenges, Suzanne stayed committed to maintaining her health the natural way. She credits her vitamin and supplement regimen for her good health as she continues performing past the age of 75.

Current Endeavors

Now in her late 70s, Suzanne hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. She continues writing books and hosting online shows focused on natural health.

She also sells her own line of supplements, skin care products, and even clothing on

On the acting front, Suzanne makes guest appearances on sitcoms like “Glee” and dramas such as “The Kominsky Method”. She also performs a live talk show / musical act she calls “Steppin’ Out with Suzanne Somers”.

With her steady flow of new business ventures paired with prudent investing over the decades, her net worth continues to grow.

What is Suzanne Somers’ Net Worth?

According to multiple reports, Suzanne Somers’ net worth is estimated to be around $100 million as of 2023.

The bulk of her wealth has come from the various sales of her books, health products, and other businesses she’s launched over the past forty years. Income from appearances and acting roles has also contributed to her high net worth.

Considering she’s still quite active with new projects into her late 70s, Suzanne’s net worth will likely continue rising in the coming years.

How Old is Suzanne Somers Now?

As of February 2023, Suzanne Somers is 76 years old.

She was born Suzanne Marie Mahoney on October 16, 1946 in San Bruno, CA. She gained widespread fame in her 30s as Chrissy on Three’s Company.

Now approaching 80 years old, Suzanne still maintains an active lifestyle and career. Her focus on health, wellness and natural hormone therapy seems to be helping maintain her youthfulness.

What is Suzanne Somers’ Height?

Suzanne Somers is reportedly 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall.

During her time as a blonde bombshell actress and model in the 1970s, her height was considered an ideal asset to her curves.

Even as she’s gotten older, Suzanne still stands tall and looks healthy and vibrant. Height runs in her family – her mother was reportedly around 5’7”.

Suzanne Somers Biography Facts

Full Name: Suzanne Marie Mahoney

Birthdate: October 16, 1946

Birth Place: San Bruno, California

Parents: Marion Elizabeth & Frank Lawrence Mahoney

Siblings: None

Spouse: Alan Hamel (married 1977 – present)

Children: Bruce Somers Jr. (b. 1965)

Education: Capuchino High School

Early Jobs: Model, secretary, cocktail waitress

First TV Appearance: Annulment (1965)

Big Break: Three’s Company (1977)

Frequently Asked Questions About Suzanne Somers

When did Suzanne get married?

Suzanne married her second husband, Alan Hamel, on November 11, 1977. The couple eloped in Las Vegas and have been together over 45 years.

How much did Suzanne make per episode on Three’s Company?

At the peak of her fame on Three’s Company in 1980, Suzanne was earning approximately $30,000 per episode. This was just prior to her asking for a drastic raise which led to her being fired.

What was Suzanne’s health scare in 2012?

In 2012, Suzanne underwent a full-body CT scan which showed she might have “full-body cancer”. However, it turned out to be a harmless condition called calcifications. Still, the misdiagnosis scared her and prompted one of her books.

Is Suzanne Somers still acting?

Yes, Suzanne still acts from time to time when she’s not focused on her health businesses. Recently she’s made appearances in sitcoms like Glee and drama series such as Shameless and The Kominsky Method.

What is Suzanne’s most famous product endorsement?

Suzanne is most well-known for her ubiquitous promotion of the Thighmaster – a weight loss/muscle toner tool popularised through her informercials in the 90s. Her tagline “Do These Thighs Match These Arms?” became part of pop culture.

Suzanne Somers has led a varied, six decade career that’s made her an icon. From sitcom star to business mogul to health guru, she’s succeeded across genres. With diverse income streams, it’s no wonder her net worth remains so high even into her late 70s. And with her continual drive, ambition, and resistance to aging, Suzanne will likely continue her success for years to come.

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