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Shailene Woodley is an American actress and activist best known for her roles in the Divergent film series and HBO’s Big Little Lies. With her breakout performances in films like The Descendants and The Fault in Our Stars, Woodley has become one of the most sought-after young actresses in Hollywood.

Early Life and Background

Shailene Diann Woodley was born on November 15, 1991 in San Bernardino County, California. She was raised in Simi Valley, California by her parents Lori and Lonnie Woodley. Her mother is a middle school counselor and her father is a school principal. Woodley has a younger brother named Tanner.

From a young age, Woodley was interested in acting and modeling. She began taking acting classes and secured her first small roles in minor television shows at the age of 5. As a teenager, she continued to land small parts in shows like The O.C., Crossing Jordan and Cold Case.

Career Beginnings

Woodley’s first major role came in 2008 when she was cast as Amy Juergens on the ABC Family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She portrayed a 15-year-old who gets pregnant and proceeds to navigate high school and early parenthood. Woodley received critical praise for her performance and won a Young Artist Award in 2010.

Her breakthrough to film came in 2011 when she starred opposite George Clooney in the Oscar-nominated film The Descendants. Her emotional portrayal of Alexandra King, a teenager dealing with her comatose mother and unfaithful father, earned rave reviews from critics. This launched Woodley into more high-profile film roles.

Rise to Fame

In 2012, Woodley landed the coveted lead role of Beatrice “Tris” Prior in the science fiction blockbuster Divergent. The film, based on a popular YA novel by Veronica Roth, was a massive commercial success, earning $288 million worldwide. Woodley impressed audiences and critics with her strong performance as the brave heroine Tris.

She went on to reprise the role in the remaining Divergent franchise films Insurgent (2015) and Allegiant (2016). Although not as critically successful as the first installment, the sequels continued to bank on Woodley’s star power, earning a combined $665 million at the box office. Her performance established her as a leading Hollywood actress and a bankable movie star.

Woodley also starred as the romantic lead opposite Ansel Elgort in the wildly successful teen drama The Fault in Our Stars (2014). Adapted from John Green’s bestselling novel, the film grossed over $300 million worldwide. Woodley’s performance as the witty and intelligent Hazel Grace Lancaster earned her nominations at the People’s Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

Continued Success

In 2017, Woodley joined the star-studded cast of HBO’s Big Little Lies alongside Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern. She received an Emmy nomination for her supporting performance as Jane Chapman, a troubled single mother. Big Little Lies was both a critical and commercial hit for HBO, and Woodley’s powerful acting was consistently praised.

She has continued to star in various independent dramas and thrillers like Snowden (2016), Adrift (2018) and Endings, Beginnings (2019). Most recently, Woodley starred in the romantic drama The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021). She has upcoming roles in Robots, a science fiction film co-starring Jack Whitehall, and Misanthrope, a thriller with Ben Mendelsohn.

Activism and Causes

Outside of acting, Woodley is known for her environmental activism and health advocacy. She is an avid protestor against the Dakota Access Pipeline and has been arrested numerous times for civil disobedience. Woodley also champions the use of renewable energy, practices reiki healing, and follows a medicinal herb diet.

She co-founded the nonprofit All it Takes, which aims to empower youth leadership for sustainable change. Woodley uses her fame to bring awareness to various social and environmental causes close to her heart.

Personal Life

Woodley keeps her personal life private. She briefly dated her Divergent co-star Theo James during the filming of the franchise. From 2018 to 2020, she was in a relationship with rugby player Ben Volavola.

Woodley spends much of her time off at her home in the mountains of California. She enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and photography.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Shailene Woodley’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. Given her blockbuster hits and starring roles in multiple successful TV and film franchises, Woodley commands high salaries upwards of $3-5 million per project nowadays.

With her fame still on the rise, Woodley’s net worth will likely continue growing as she headlines more films and takes on new roles. Her activism and simple lifestyle also mean she isn’t prone to overspending lavishly. At just 31 years old, Woodley’s wealth and Hollywood stardom look set to keep rising.


In her short career so far, Shailene Woodley has established herself as one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after young talents. With her acclaimed performances in hits like the Divergent series and Big Little Lies, she has built up an impressive resume and amassed millions in net worth.

At only 31, Woodley looks poised for more critically and commercially successful roles ahead. Her meteoric rise to fame and fortune appears far from over. Off-screen, her social activism and commitment to good causes only adds to her star power and positive image in Hollywood. With beauty, brains and talent, Shailene Woodley’s net worth and legacy in the industry look set to grow even stronger in the years to come.

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