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paige wyatt

In the era of vast technology, there are many ways for people to promote their talent. As a result, currently, you can see many famous personalities who started their journey from small platforms. Thus, the rising star, Paige Wyatt is one of those models. She began her journey along with her parents. 

Moreover, her journey was not easy. She went through a lot of obstacles and stood strong against all of them. There is so much more to her life. If you want to know more about this lady, keep on reading this content.

Paige Wyatt’s Early Life

Paige Wyatt was born on 30th October 1994 in Colorado, USA. She spent her early time with her step-father Rich. He is known as a gunsmith, as he owned a gun store. Paige’s mother Renee Wyatt, works as a business manager at the Gun store. Moreover, she also has a brother named Kurt, who serves as an assistant salesman at the shop.

Thus, the type of environment that Paige got, led her to develop an interest in guns at an early age. 

Her Features

Paige possesses a slim and curvy body. When measuring her height she scores five feet, seven inches tall. Her hair enhances her beauty as she has blonde and long hair. Moreover, her eyes with the touch of hazel color complete the definition of being beautiful and attractive. Seems like she has perfect features to become a beautiful model.

Interest in Guns

paige wyatt

Paige has shown interest in guns from the age when she was involved in the gun store business. She possesses a lot of information about guns and bullets. That is due to her work experience as a sales associate at the gun store. 

Thus, her parents did not permit her to do this work until she was a grown-up girl. Eventually, after that, she rose to involve in other operations of the store.

Initial Steps Toward Her Career

Paige Wyatt began her career back in 2011. She started from a reality show. When her family was doing well in the gun store business, Discovery Channel approached them. They offered them to keep the Gun Store as a discussion of their reality TV series. Thus, that way Wyatt Family gained fame through its viewers. 

Paige Wyatt appeared in the American Gun series that aired in October 2011. It became a blockbuster. A million viewers of the series helped Paige climb a step towards her success. Although, with the end of season 2, the show closed due to the downfall of the Gun store. However, through that series, Paige brought her name into the limelight.

Downfall in Business

The plot of the American Gun show was Rich Wyatt’s gun store. It came to an end in 2012 as the corps sealed the shop. Moreover, they arrested Paige’s father for losing his federal firearms license. As he sold the guns without a valid license. Thus, this led to the shop’s temporary closure and an end to their reality show.

The Clothing Line

Paige Wyatt manages her personal clothing line through the Hughwear organization. It deals with the women tanks and men’s T Shirts. Moreover, this clothing line is helping her to pursue a career in modeling. As she enjoys getting dolled-up. Furthermore, this paves her way to meet celebrities by getting their autographed clothing. She sells them through a website that she owns.

Personal Life

paige wyatt

This gorgeous lady is still single. Isn’t it odd? However, it is true that she is not married to anyone. Many people among you shall be wondering that if this is true, then there must be some boy. A boy with whom Paige’s in a relationship. Disappointing your thoughts, the information about her states that she does not have a boyfriend either. 

There is not even a single rumor about Paige’s getting involved with any boy. She has always been close to her stepfather only. There is not any update if she is interested in someone, as she has not made any type of announcements yet.

Self-Oriented With Career Goals

It seems like Paige Wyatt has always been in love with herself. As she always tries to enhance her features and skills. She thinks that this will lead her to reach the steeple of success. Moreover, her lack of interest in boys also gives a hint that she is busy pursuing her career in modeling and acting.

Things Wyatt Admires

Seeking into her life history, one thing is obvious. She keeps a keen interest in guns. As her followers witness this by following her social media pages. She often posts her pictures with diverse Guns. Moreover, she has her own collection of guns. Other than guns, she admires keeping pets.

Paige is an animal lover. As she has a pet dog named Malibu. Her followers and close ones have seen that dog always with her. 

Her Net Worth

Paige has managed to acquire the small wealth at a very young age.  Moreover, some reputable sources reveal that she earns an annual basis of 250,000 dollars. This payment as a result of working as an actress only, including her clothing line. Furthermore, sources indicate her net worth estimates are almost a million dollars. As she has gained popularity in a short span of time. 

Moreover, she has also appeared in Hollywood productions.


This young and beautiful lady has seen so much in her life. More often she struggled to pursue her career. As she faced crisis after the closure of the Gun store. She did not lose hope, instead worked harder. 

Moreover, she also owned a vine channel, which was trending when the vine videos were on-trend. This proves that the fame she has earned is the result of her own hard work on small platforms. Although she has always been a daddy’s girl, she did everything on her own. 

Currently, she has been giving time to her studies so that she can dedicate her time to her career, later. Thus, people see her reaching the sky in the future.


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