George Santo Pietro – Vanna White’s Ex Husband

George Santo Pietro is a foremost American businessman and camera technician who owns a couple of restaurants in California. Later, being a restaurant owner to becoming the spouse of a media personality. He was born on 12th December 1946 in Beverly Hills, California USA. He is a Caucasian businessman and actor. And most importantly famous for being the ex-husband of the popular actress and producer from Double Dragon, Graduation Day, and Wheel of Fortune – Vanna White. Early Life Of George Santo Pietro  George was the only child who raised...

Doreen Lioy – A Night Stalker’s Wife

Doreen Lioy – A Magazine Editor  Doreen Lioy is a magazine editor and also known as the ex-wife of a serial killer and late convicted rapist Richard Ramirez. Her husband was known for a criminal person who has also found in working in “Night Stalker”. He got a lot of media attention over years. Doreen was born in Burbank California, USA.  She is a journalist by profession and made her mark in the media industry as a freelance magazine editor working on television documentaries. Her remarkable work is THS Investigates:...

How To Boost Your Business Online in 2021?

When starting a new business is a sensational moment, you are enthusiastic and scared at the same time. Setting up a business is not a one day task, people spend months or even years. The progress of a company or a business depends on the startup. A business would not rise unless you strive hard for it. It is natural to get fearful or excited about starting a new business. Entrepreneurship is more than a career choice; it’s like the turning point of your life. The main reason behind the...
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