Naruspot or Narutospot is considered to be the best sites for all those who are fond of suffering anime stuff online. Whether you want to watch a TV show, clips, movies, web series, or cartoons, here you will find everything you are looking for. You don’t have to worry about the quality because you can watch your favorite show in HD quality whenever you want. 

Narutospot is known to be the world’s famous place for anime lovers that offer 24X7 access to the website where you will find all types of manga and anime movies. The best thing about this site is that you will find all the seasons of a particular show available in subbed and dubbed both. If you want to watch any particular show and you didn’t find it, then you can comment there as here you will find the suggestions section. All the videos are of 720 pixels resolution

On the page, you will find different categories that you can check one by one as per your need. Here you will find the Random option for random anime shows, Latest Update Section for the latest shows and episodes that are updated on Naruspot. So, before making a plan, you need to see whether the show that you want to watch is uploaded or not. 

Another important thing that you will love to know is what other anime fans prefer. So, for this, you need to visit the Hot and Trending section. If you find anything inappropriate like video outdated, corrupt, or links that are broken then you can use an option of reporting audio and video. Through this, you can directly connect with the admin and your problem will resolve easily.

There are a lot of people who are globally using Naruspot to watching their favorite anime online without any distraction. This site is perfect in all sense whether it comes to the HD quality or video collection, you will not find Naruspot bad to use. But what in case the site does not work properly? Obviously, we need to switch it with any site that is great to use as an alternative to it. 

For all anime lovers, here I have gathered some of the best alternatives that you will love to use in the replacement of Naruspot or Narutospot. From the below-shown alternatives, select any of them that you think is great in all cases. 

Anime Freak 

Let’s start with Anime Freak that is famous for its amazing quality without any charges. Anime Freak has the largest data base anime and manga that offers multiple genres that include romance, thriller, mystery, comedy, and more. People prefer using it because they upload episodes as soon as it releases. Whether you have used it before or not, this is very easy to use the site for everyone.


KissAnime is the perfect choice for everyone who loves to watch anime movies, episodes, or shows. It also offers the best quality that you won’t regret while watching your favorite show. The quality of the video is from 240p to 1080p. The structure of this page is well organized and provides a proper link for useful information regarding the latest anime and its updates. Moreover, you will find the content that is available both free and paid. 


You must be aware of Crunchyroll that has crossed more than thousands of audiences throughout the world. They provide anime, manga and dorama (a Japanese anime drama). It can be a perfect alternative to Narutospot. The site collects content from all over the world to keep their page updated in all the languages that mostly used by their users. Nothing is amazing than visiting a website that has multiple languages so that people can reach their motive without any difficultly.

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is a well-organized page available for all those who love to watch anime. The best thing is that it displays minimum and limited ads so that you can watch your favorite show without any disturbance. Moreover, their practice to upload shows regularly so that users can stay connected with the site all the time. Night mode in the site is a perfect feature that allows you to watch a series for hours without any fear of eyes problem.


People who are using Naruspot for years, they might not get amazed with such sites that are alternatives to Naruspot. But still, as we know that we have to keep a second option or option B in case of an emergency. Above you will find the top five alternatives that can be used anytime you want. You will definitely find HD quality, a great collection, multiple categories, and easy to use access. So, before going to any decision, just check whether the sites are mentioned above is good for you as a user or not.

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