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Louise Jean McCary is the daughter of renowned actress Emma Stone and her husband, writer-director Dave McCary. She was born in March 2021 and is the couple’s first child together. Louise’s birth sparked immense interest given her famous parents.

Background on Emma Stone and Dave McCary

Emma Stone is an Oscar-winning actress known for films like La La Land, The Favourite, and Cruella. She has received multiple accolades for her acting over the years. Dave McCary is a writer, director, and comedian who was on Saturday Night Live.

Stone and McCary met when she hosted SNL in 2016. After dating for a few years, they announced their engagement in 2019. The couple secretly married in 2020.

Birth of Louise Jean McCary

In January 2021, news broke that Emma Stone was pregnant with her first child. On March 13th, she gave birth to a baby girl.

Initially, Stone and McCary did not reveal their daughter’s name. However, her birth certificate was obtained by TMZ in May 2021, which showed her full name as Louise Jean McCary.

Meaning Behind Louise Jean McCary’s Name

The name Louise Jean McCary carries special meaning for Emma Stone.

Louise pays tribute to Stone’s beloved grandmother, Jean Louise. Meanwhile, Jean is a family name on both sides – it is Stone’s middle name, as well as her mother’s.

By naming her daughter Louise Jean, Emma continued this heartfelt family tradition. The sentimental name reflects her close bonds with her grandmother and mother.

Life as a Celebrity Baby

As the daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Louise Jean McCary was born into the spotlight. Her birth made headlines across entertainment news outlets.

Still, Stone and McCary have aimed to maintain their daughter’s privacy. They have not shared any photos of her or made public appearances as a family.

While Louise will grow up with fame in her bloodline, her parents seem intent on giving her a normal childhood away from constant media attention.

Louise’s First Year of Life

In March 2022, Louise Jean McCary celebrated her first birthday. She is growing up in the Los Angeles area with Emma Stone and Dave McCary.

Though details are scarce, it is clear that parenthood has brought immense joy to Stone and McCary. Close sources have stated that the couple adores their little girl.

Despite arriving during a pandemic, baby Louise was a bright spot for the family. She appears to have made Stone and McCary’s relationship even stronger.

A New Chapter for Emma Stone

For Emma Stone, having a child marked an exciting new phase. She took a brief acting hiatus around Louise’s birth but made her return with the 2022 movie Poor Things.

Professionally, Stone remains selective about roles so she can spend ample time with her daughter. Personally, sources say she cherishes being a mom and watching Louise grow.

Little Louise Jean McCary has certainly transformed her famous mother’s world for the better. She will continue bringing happiness as Emma Stone’s beloved first-born.

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