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Lisa Marie Presley is an American singer-songwriter and the only child of music icon Elvis Presley. As the sole heir to her father’s estate, Lisa Marie Presley has an estimated net worth of $300 million as of 2023.

Biography and Early Life

Lisa Marie Presley was born on February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee to Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Her parents divorced when she was 4 years old and she lived with her mother. She attended several elite private schools growing up. As a teenager, she became addicted to drugs and struggled with her fame as the King of Rock and Roll’s daughter.

In 1988, Lisa Marie inherited her father’s entire estate on her 25th birthday. The estate was estimated to be worth over $100 million at the time. This inheritance forms the bulk of Lisa Marie Presley’s massive net worth today.

Music Career

Lisa Marie Presley launched her music career in 2003 with the release of her debut album ‘To Whom It May Concern’. It reached No. 5 on the Billboard 200 album chart and was certified gold. Her second album ‘Now What’ was released in 2005 and debuted at No. 9 on the charts. It was certified gold as well. In 2012, she released her third album ‘Storm and Grace’ which received positive critical reviews.

Although not achieving massive commercial success as a recording artist, Lisa Marie Presley proven herself as a credible singer-songwriter. Her music career contributes to her multi-million dollar net worth over the years.

Acting and Other Endeavors

In addition to her music, Lisa Marie has dabbled in acting occasionally. She made her acting debut in the TV series ‘Patty Duke Show’ in 1965 as a child artist. Her other acting credits include ‘Naked Gun 331⁄3: The Final Insult’ (1994) and ‘Breaking Up with the Joneses’ (2006).

Lisa Marie Presley has also launched several business ventures, including her own clothing line in 2006 called the Lisa Marie Presley Collection. She opened a luxury jewelry store called Presley by Lisa Marie in 2015. These business ventures add to her considerable wealth.

In 2012, she became a judge on the music reality show ‘Platinum Hit’. She has also done philanthropic work with organizations like the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Personal Life and Relationships

Lisa Marie Presley has been married four times. In 1988, she married musician Danny Keough with whom she had two children. After divorcing Keough in 1994, she married pop legend Michael Jackson. Their high-profile marriage lasted only 2 years before an amicable divorce in 1996.

In 2002, she married actor Nicolas Cage in Hawaii. Cage filed for divorce after only 108 days of marriage. Lisa Marie married her guitarist Michael Lockwood in 2006. After 10 years of marriage and twin daughters together, they divorced in 2016.

Lisa Marie Presley has lived primarily in California. She purchased Elvis Presley’s famous Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee after inheriting it.

Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth Milestones

  • 1988: Inherited Elvis Presley estate worth estimated $100 million on her 25th birthday
  • 2005: Her two albums and music career contribute to net worth over the years
  • 2006: Launched her own clothing line Lisa Marie Presley Collection
  • 2012: Became a judge on reality show Platinum Hit
  • 2015: Opened luxury jewelry store Presley by Lisa Marie
  • 2023: Current net worth estimated at $300 million


As the only heir to Elvis Presley’s fortune and massive estate, Lisa Marie Presley has an estimated net worth of $300 million as of 2023. Her inheritance from her father along with her own music career and business ventures have contributed to her immense wealth over the years. Despite personal ups and downs, Lisa Marie Presley remains one of the richest celebrity children today.

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