LifeInLegacy: Importance of Legacy and Leaving it Behind


Legacy means inheritance, but it is not about death. It is more about the way a person spends life. It is about acquiring lessons from the past, dwelling in the present moment, and constructing something for the future. Moreover, the legacy is like a plant, that a person grows. The only matter of discussion here is where you plant a tree. 

The ecologists explain that a person should plant a tree in an old forest, where other older trees abide. As it will give a pathway to follow for younger trees. So, they can implant their roots deeper and stronger. 

Thus, the same goes with human nature. As they follow the path of the people who inspire them. Moreover, the environment they get provides them assistance towards their future. Therefore, while the people are alive they should focus on the legacies, they leave or create for future generations.

LifeInLegacy: No Legacy No Purpose

Legacy is not something that a person dying left as a will. It is the present and future. A person with no legacy leads a life without any purpose. Legacy is something that helps people to decide what kind of life they want to live? What they can do that will be helpful for people around them or for the ones who are yet to come? 

Thus, Keeping all of these things in view, a person lives such a life that it becomes an example. Those examples then provide assistance for their offsprings and society.

Legacy is Not Merely Wealth

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A person thinks that whatever people leave behind provides assistance to their offspring as it is their legacy. People indeed get many financial benefits from a life spent in legacy but wealth is not the only option. As people can create a legacy in diverse ways. 

Some create it in the form of children, grand-children, a book, a business, and an ideal. They bring up their children and grandchildren in such a way that their upbringing sets an example. Thus, it becomes their legacy. 

Passing the Life Experiences

A life spent in legacy assists through experiences. As the individuals often reflect upon the do and don’ts of a person to get a life that will be good. 

Thus, the experiences as legacy become lessons for people that guide them in their lives. Moreover, if individuals need a life, like their elders, they will follow their every step. Otherwise, they will create their legacy taking only lessons from their elder’s legacy.

Protecting Family’s Basic Needs

Many people’s life in legacy provides shelter to their families who lost the source of earning. As many individuals take initial steps to form a society where they can help the needy ones. Most of them do it by donating a part of their wealth. While many people leave donation funds as a legacy that provides their assistance.

Mentorship Programs for Children

The legacy provides mentorship programs for the children. It helps them to build a secure and reliable career by guiding them. Moreover, many people’s legacy offer scholarships to children who are capable of doing remarkable things. With the fact that they can not promote their skills on their own, the legacy assists. 

Furthermore, it provides such assistance that goes on in human life circles. 

Helping to Thrive

No one can fill in the place of the member that a family loses. The loss and grief turn out to grow greater every day, but the legacy helps. It makes sure to assist the family’s requirements and fulfills their needs. Moreover, it provides them a sound atmosphere to thrive. 

Thus, life in legacy provides comfort and security with commitments to the family. The one they used to get the loss of their family member. 

Advocating for Entitlement

Sometimes, families go through vulnerable situations. Although they possess some wealth but are not able to get that from rival parties. Thus, the legacy of their lost member provides them the facility to hire an advocate. 

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If the person was a member of any government services, there will be many of his colleagues who can help the person’s family. Moreover, they can hire an advocate for his family. So, that advocate fights for their rights and gives them sound advice for entitlement. Thus, in this way, they get to enlist assistance through social welfare services.

A Connecting Link

Legacy assists through connecting the generations. The connection takes place through memories, traditions, stories, hopes, and dreams. An individual learns from the legacies of those who came before us and takes forward a new legacy for the generation that has to arrive. This process links mankind. Moreover, it helps to survive by setting an example of practical life. 

Pension and Insurance

Most of the people spend their lives doing a government job to get an insured future. They do it for their future and their children’s future. As many individuals worry about what they will get or how they will survive after they retire.

Moreover, they would hate to see their children suffer from poverty. Thus, they ensure their security through pension and insurance even if they die before retiring. In this way, they will not leave their family helpless.


For making a legacy, death is not important. The individuals can live their legacies while they are alive. Thus, a person can make a living legacy by investing the skills and wealth in a good cause. A cause that will pay back during the lifetime period. People will never forget any person with a memorable legacy. As they will come through a legacy, they will remember that person. 

Moreover, legacy makes a person live his fullest. Either old or young, it will always make an individual feel valued, special, and useful. For the children, it becomes the whole life to follow. As they learn a lot from their elders because they consider them their mentors. 

Furthermore, the adults also feel relieved as they know that if they die, they will leave something for their offspring.

Thus, a life spent in legacy assists in multiple and diverse ways. It helps people to thrive, acquire knowledge, and survive through the most vulnerable moments of their lives. It somehow saves them from the trouble of facing hassles.

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