King Charles’s Staff Call Him the Pampered Prince, for a Reason You Might Be Surprised to Know.

King Charles's

After the death of Queen Elizabeth, after a long period of his role as the crown prince, he finally succeeded in assuming the position of the king and at that time he has formally taken over the reins of the British royal family.

King Charles who was a very pampered son and prince of his mother, his servants call him Pampered Prince because of some of his royal habits, some of which we will tell you about today

Royal Habits of King Charles

Close employees of King Charles say that he is not used to doing any of his work with his own hands and is completely dependent on his employees for this.

1: Early Morning

When King Charles wakes up in the morning, not only does he want his pajamas and clothes ironed, but he also has a special habit of having his shoelaces ironed by his servants before he wakes up.

After they wake up, their bathtub faucet should be set in a certain way so that they don’t have any trouble running it, and before they wake up, the water in their bathtub should be at a certain temperature. The tub is filled half full of water which is neither too cold nor too hot.

After that, their employees put an inch of toothpaste on their toothbrushes so that they only have to bother brushing their teeth.

2: Food

For breakfast, King Charles eats homemade double bread, and his breakfast includes fresh fruit and fruit juices. They also require cheese and biscuits to be heated to a certain temperature in their meals, for which their staff keeps a hot tray at all times during their meal to keep their food warm at their desired temperature.

3: Travel

Wherever King Charles travels, his toilet seat travels with him and he doesn’t use anyone else’s toilet seat anywhere – except for special Gleenex Velvet toilet paper, which is very durable. are soft.

During the journey, King Charles’ lunch box also travels with him, which contains his required food and he does not eat anything outside.

This lunch box contains six types of honey, dry fruits, special type of porridge, apart from this, a van filled with their necessities including their bed, clothes also travels along with their car. They even have their own photographer.

All these accessories of King Charles make him a pampered prince in the eyes of his employees.

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