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Kandi Burruss is an American singer, songwriter, television personality, actress, and businesswoman. She first gained recognition in the 1990s as a member of the R&B group Xscape. Since then, she has become a successful songwriter, writing hits for artists like Destiny’s Child, Pink, Alicia Keys, and more. Kandi has also expanded into other business ventures like owning restaurants, launching a line of adult toys, and starring in reality shows. With her various successful ventures, Kandi has amassed an impressive net worth.

Kandi Burruss

Net Worth:
$40 Million

$2.5 million per episode

Monthly Income:
$0.2 Million +

American TV personality and singer-songwriter

47 Yrs

5 ft 2 in (1.59m)

Yearly Income:
$3 Million +


Todd Tucker (m. 2014)

Date Of Birth:

Birth Place:
College Park, Georgia, United States


Joyce Jones, Titus Burruss Jr.

Net Worth

Kandi Burruss has an estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2023. The majority of her wealth has come from songwriting royalties over her decades-long music career. She has written or co-written a number of major hits for artists across genres. Some of her songwriting credits include “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Bug a Boo” for Destiny’s Child, “There You Go” for Pink, and “Get Up” for Ciara. The royalties from these smash hits continue to earn Kandi healthy income.

Additional income streams that contribute to Kandi’s net worth include her appearances on reality shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her own spinoff shows like Kandi Koated Nights and The Kandi Factory. She also earns money from various business ventures like her Bedroom Kandi line of adult products, her restaurant Old Lady Gang, and more. With savvy financial investments and continued business moves, Kandi’s net worth will likely continue rising in coming years.


Kandi Burruss was born on May 17, 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2023, she is 46 years old. She was born to a single mother named Joyce Jones who worked as a single parent and raised Kandi in East Point, Georgia. From a young age, Kandi showed an interest and talent for music and performed in church choirs and school plays. Her singing talent eventually led to her breakout as part of the 90s R&B group Xscape when Kandi was still a teenager.

Even as she advances in years, Kandi keeps up a busy schedule managing her multi-faceted career of singing, songwriting, acting, and running her businesses. Balancing her professional and personal life as a mother seems to keep 46-year-old Kandi feeling youthful and energetic. Her age certainly has not slowed down her industrious drive and passion for music.


Kandi Burruss stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m). Her petite stature earned her the nickname “Small Fry” as part of the R&B group Xscape in the 1990s. She was teased for her height early in her music career but eventually embraced being the shortest member of the group.

Despite her small frame, Kandi has an undeniably giant personality and stage presence. Over the years, her incredible talents as a singer, songwriter, and businesswoman have shown she has the determination and drive to overcome any obstacle no matter her height. While she may joke about wishing she was taller, especially when towering over fans for pictures, Kandi’s self-confidence and sense of style allows her to stand tall no matter her actual height.

Early Life & Education

Kandi Burruss was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976. Her single mother, Joyce Jones, raised Kandi in East Point while working several jobs. Kandi’s father Titus Burruss was largely absent from her childhood. She has a younger brother named Patrick Jones.

From a young age, Kandi showed great talents and interest in music, dance, and other creative arts. She first started singing in her local church and participated in talent shows and school plays. During middle school, Kandi met Tameka “Tiny” Cottle who later recruited her to join the music group Xscape in 1992 when she was just 16 years old.

Kandi attended Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia. However there is no public record indicating she pursued education beyond high school. Like many young talents discovered at a young age, Kandi put early focus and dedication into building her budding music career rather than seeking higher education.

Rise to Fame With Xscape

Kandi Burruss first shot to fame in the early 1990s as member of an R&B girl group called Xscape. In 1992, her friend Tameka “Tiny” Harris recruited the then 16-year old Kandi to join the musical quartet that included Tamera Coggins and sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott. Kandi initially joined the group as its unofficial songwriter while also singing backing vocals.

After signing to Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings, the group released their Platinum-selling debut album “Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha” in 1993. Hits from that album like “Just Kickin’ It” and “Understanding” showcased Kandi’s songwriting chops. She also started taking lead vocals on songs like “Love on My Mind.”

Xscape soon became one of the most successful girl groups of the 90s era leading to Kandi’s breakthrough fame as a singer-songwriter. Over their 6 years together, Xscape released two Platinum albums and had a string of chart-topping R&B hits cementing their status as icons of 90’s soul and hip hop. Popular tracks like “Who Can I Run To” and “The Arms of the One Who Loves You” highlighted Kandi’s songwriting and vocal talents.

Even after Xscape broke up in 1998, Kandi continued writing hits for many chart-topping artists over the next decades. But her time with Xscape was instrumental in helping launch her into stardom beyond just songwriting.

Transition to Solo Music Career & Songwriting

After Xscape disbanded in the late 1990s over group infighting, Kandi decided to pursue a solo music career while also focusing more heavily on penning songs for other artists. Her songwriting talents were highly sought-after throughout the music industry during this period.

In 2000, Kandi released her debut solo album “Hey Kandi” which included the hit “Don’t Think I’m Not.” The following year, she co-wrote one of the biggest hits of her career “Bills, Bills, Bills” for Destiny’s Child. The smash hit song topped the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks and earned Kandi wider recognition and credibility as an ace songwriter crafting chart-topping magic.

More huge songwriting successes continued coming Kandi’s way in the early 2000s:

  • “Bug a Boo” (Destiny’s Child)
  • “There You Go” (Pink)
  • “She Said” (B2K)
  • “Scrub” (TLC)
  • “Get Up” (Ciara)
  • “Goodies” (Ciara)

Beyond the world of R&B and hip hop, Kandi also penned songs for pop-rock acts like the Backstreet Boys, Maroon 5, and more demonstrating her versatility. Her songwriting across musical genres has racked up numerous awards and accolades cementing her status as one of the most successful female songwriters of her era.

While focusing heavily on songwriting in the 2000s decade, Kandi still continued to occasionally release solo albums like “I Need” in 2005 and “B.L.O.G.” in 2007. However, those albums met modest commercial reception indicating audiences saw her more as an elite songsmith behind the scenes rather than solo star in her own right.

Success on Television

Aside from music, Kandi Burruss has cultivated immense popularity and fame from appearances on various reality television shows. She first joined the cast of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” during its second season in 2009. Initially involved as a friend of the housewives, she became a main cast member for Season 3.

Kandi quickly became a central figure and fan favorite personality on RHOA over the following decade. Viewers connected with her down-to-earth, straight-shooting, yet drama-loving behaviors. They also appreciated her displays of strength and independence as she overcame difficult situations like the tragic death of her former fiancé in 2009.

By Season 8, tensions mounted between Kandi and her mother Joyce leading to emotional confrontations over business disputes and parenting approaches. Nonetheless Kandi has remained a central RHOA ensemble member for nearly 15 seasons and counting – making her one of the franchise’s longest running housewives.

Beyond RHOA, Kandi headlined a few spinoff reality series capitalizing on her popularity:

  • “Kandi Koated Nights” (2012) – Late night talk show
  • “Kandi’s Wedding” (2014) – Planning her marriage to Todd Tucker
  • “Kandi’s Ski Trip” (2015) – Vacationing with friends
  • “Kandi’s Mother’s May I” (2016) – Managing friction with Joyce
  • “Kandi & The Gang” (2022) – Inside her Old Lady Gang restaurant

Through ups and downs, viewers have connected to Kandi’s realness on camera. Her famous catchphrase of calling difficult situations “a mess!” encapsulates her authentic reactions to

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