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Julia Roberts is an American actress and producer who has a net worth of $250 million. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and has starred in blockbuster films like Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Eat Pray Love.

Roberts has won three Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award for Best Actress, and has been nominated for four other Oscars. Her films have grossed over $2.8 billion worldwide. Roberts is considered one of the most influential celebrities in the world.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Julia Fiona Roberts was born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia. She is the daughter of Betty Lou and Walter Grady Roberts, who were actors and writers. Her older siblings Eric and Lisa Roberts are also actors.

Roberts showed an interest in acting from an early age. She started performing in musicals and plays during her school years. After graduating from high school, she headed to New York City to pursue a full-time acting career. She signed with the Click Modeling Agency and enrolled in acting classes.

Roberts made her first big screen appearance with a minor role in the film Satisfaction (1988). This led to roles in movies like Mystic Pizza (1988) and Steel Magnolias (1989). Her breakthrough came when she was cast as the lead in Pretty Woman (1990) opposite Richard Gere. The rom-com was a huge hit, grossing over $464 million worldwide.

Rise to Stardom in the 1990s

After the success of Pretty Woman, Roberts became one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. She starred in a string of commercial and critical hits throughout the 1990s. Some of her notable films included Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), The Pelican Brief (1993), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), Notting Hill (1999) and Runaway Bride (1999).

Roberts won a Golden Globe for Best Actress and received an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of a vengeful woman in Sleeping with the Enemy. She played a clever law student in The Pelican Brief, opposite Denzel Washington. My Best Friend’s Wedding and Notting Hill were both major box office successes.

During the 1990s, Roberts was the highest-paid actress in the world, earning a record $25 million for her role in Erin Brockovich in 2000. She went on to win the Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for her performance.

2000s – Eat Pray Love and Later Roles

In the 2000s, Roberts starred in films like America’s Sweethearts (2001), Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and its sequels Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Ocean’s Thirteen (2007). She reunited with Richard Gere for the thriller The Runaway Bride (1999), which earned over $300 million globally.

One of her biggest hits of the decade was the 2010 film Eat Pray Love, based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir. Roberts played a divorced woman finding herself on a journey of self-discovery. Eat Pray Love grossed $204 million worldwide.

Some of her other notable films include Closer (2004), Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), Duplicity (2009), Valentine’s Day (2010), Mirror Mirror (2012), August: Osage County (2013) and Money Monster (2016).

Roberts has done less film work in recent years as she’s focused on raising her three children. She continues to take on select roles in TV and film. Most recently, she starred in the Amazon Prime series Homecoming (2018-2022).

Personal Life

Roberts married singer Lyle Lovett in 1993 but they divorced in 1995. In 2002, she married cameraman Daniel Moder. They have three children together.

Roberts keeps her personal life private. When not working, she enjoys spending time at her ranch in New Mexico. She practices Hinduism and yoga.

Roberts has used her celebrity to support UNICEF and other human rights causes. She has worked to raise awareness for Rett syndrome, a rare disease that affects her niece.

Julia Roberts’ Net Worth

As of 2023, Julia Roberts has an estimated net worth of $250 million. She was the highest-paid actress throughout most of the 1990s and 2000s, earning between $15-25 million per film at her peak.

Roberts has earned big paychecks for films like Erin Brockovich ($20 million), Mona Lisa Smile ($20 million), and Eat Pray Love ($10 million). She also earns millions from endorsements and advertising campaigns with brands like Lancôme.

A large portion of Roberts’ wealth comes from backend box office deals and profit participation in her films. Even though she takes fewer acting roles now, residuals from her hit movies continue to pad her bank account.

With her blockbuster salary over the past three decades, savvy investments, and real estate holdings, Julia Roberts has built an immense $250 million net worth. She is one of the richest and most successful actresses of all time.

Julia Roberts’ Legacy

Julia Roberts has been dubbed “America’s Sweetheart” and is one of the most beloved and accomplished actresses of the last 30 years. She has starred in some of the biggest romantic comedies and dramas of all time.

With her breakout role in Pretty Woman, Roberts showed her star power and unique charm. She went on to become the top box office draw of the 1990s. Her films have grossed well over $2 billion dollars.

With her wide smile and infectious laugh, Roberts has a warmth that radiates off the screen. She is lauded for her ability to captivate audiences while portraying strong, complicated women.

While Roberts is best known for her romantic comedies, her dramatic range has earned her industry acclaim. Her Oscar-winning turn in Erin Brockovich demonstrated her talent for gravitas on screen.

Now in her 50s, Julia Roberts remains one of the most popular actresses of her generation. She has influenced a generation of leading ladies. Roberts’ legacy as a giant of Hollywood is cemented thanks to her illustrious career of memorable roles.

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