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Jeremiah Jae is an American hip hop artist and producer from Chicago, Illinois. He first gained recognition in 2009 for his mixtape ‘Good Times’ and has since released several more mixtapes and EPs. Jeremiah is known for his laidback flow and jazz-influenced beats. He has collaborated with artists like Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt and Freddie Gibbs.

Biography and Background

Jeremiah Jae was born in 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. Not much is known about his early life and family. He started gaining interest in hip hop music during high school. Jeremiah taught himself music production and started making beats.

In 2009, he released his first mixtape ‘Good Times’ which featured his mellow flow over jazz-influenced production. The mixtape earned him recognition in the underground hip hop scene. This led to him getting signed to Flying Lotus’ label Brainfeeder in 2011.

Career and Net Worth

After signing to Brainfeeder, Jeremiah Jae released his debut EP ‘Raw Money Raps’ in 2012. His first studio album ‘Good Times’ came out in 2015. The album had features from artists like Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt and Andreya Triana.

Jeremiah has collaborated frequently with producers like The Alchemist and Kenny Segal. Some of his notable collaborations include ‘Spaceship II’ with Earl Sweatshirt, ‘Anthology’ with The Koreatown Oddity, and ‘Magic’ with Chuck Inglish.

In 2018, Jeremiah released the album ‘Dirty Collections’ via Nature Sounds. He also regularly puts out short EPs and beat tapes on Bandcamp. His most recent release is the 2021 EP ‘Lofeye’.

Jeremiah Jae has an estimated net worth of $200,000 as of 2023. Most of his wealth has come from music sales, streaming royalties, live performances and production work. He maintains an underground profile and fanbase despite having a decade long career in hip hop.

Age and Height

Jeremiah Jae was born in 1979 which makes his current age around 44 years. Not much is known about his exact birth date.

In terms of height, Jeremiah stands at an average 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. He has a slim build weighing around 70 kg.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Jeremiah’s personal life as he keeps a low profile. There is no news of him being married or having children. He seems to be very private and mostly lets his music speak for him.

Jeremiah is currently based in Los Angeles where he has a home studio setup. When not working on music, he enjoys reading books, especially on spirituality and self-help. He also has an interest in Zen Buddhism.

Highlights and Achievements

Some of the key highlights and achievements of Jeremiah Jae’s career so far:

  • Release of breakthrough mixtape ‘Good Times’ in 2009, leading to recognition in underground hip hop
  • Signing to Flying Lotus’ influential label Brainfeeder in 2011
  • Collaboration with Earl Sweatshirt on ‘Spaceship II’ which appeared on Earl’s album ‘Doris’
  • Debut album ‘Good Times’ released in 2015 to positive reviews
  • Tours and live performances at major festivals like Camp Flog Gnaw, Eaux Claires and SXSW
  • Critical acclaim from magazines like XXL, Pitchfork, Complex and PopMatters
  • Regular beat production and features on albums by rappers like Homeboy Sandman, MED and Dudley Perkins


In summary, Jeremiah Jae is an accomplished underground hip hop artist who has built a loyal fanbase over the past decade. His laidback rapping style, inventive jazz-rap production and collaborations with top artists have earned him critical acclaim. Jeremiah’s net worth stands at an estimated $200,000 from his various musical endeavors. Going forward, he is sure to continue developing his mellow lo-fi sound and creative output for hip hop heads.

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