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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Many Instagram users have private accounts, which means their photos and videos are only visible to their approved followers. While private accounts allow users to control who sees their content, it also makes the accounts unviewable to the public. This leads many people to search for ways to view Instagram private profiles.

Why Do People Want to View Private Instagram Accounts?

There are several reasons why people may want to view private Instagram accounts, including:

  • Curiosity about what someone they know posts on their private account
  • Romantic interest in someone with a private profile
  • Recruiters or employers want to learn more about potential candidates
  • Businesses want to see content from competitors or influencers
  • Journalists or investigators researching a story
  • Parents want to monitor their child’s account

While the intentions may vary, the goal is the same – to gain access to an account despite not being an approved follower.

Can You View Private Instagram Accounts Anonymously?

Many people search for ways to anonymously view private Instagram accounts. However, Instagram has robust privacy protections in place for private profiles that prevent anonymous viewing.

Some things to know about viewing private Instagram accounts:

  • You must be an approved follower of a private account to view its content. Instagram will not allow you to bypass this with anonymous viewing.
  • Using another user’s login credentials to access a private profile is a violation of Instagram’s terms of service.
  • Third-party apps claiming to let you view private profiles anonymously typically do not work or will get your account banned.

Unless you have the account owner’s permission, there is no legitimate way to anonymously view a private Instagram account.

What Are Some Ways People Try to View Private Accounts?

Despite Instagram’s privacy restrictions, many still attempt to view private profiles through questionable means. Some tactics people try include:

Using Account Switcher Apps

Account switcher apps claim they allow you to quickly switch between multiple Instagram accounts on the same mobile device. Some promote the ability to use the tool to view private accounts logged into other accounts on the switcher. However, Instagram prohibits these apps and they often stop working after updates.

Hacking or Guessing Passwords

Attempting to illegally gain access to a private account by guessing or hacking the password is always prohibited. Instagram will ban any accounts engaging in this behavior.

Creating Fake Accounts

Some try making fake accounts pretending to be someone else in hopes the private profile owner will mistakenly approve them as a follower. This is dishonest and could result in your account being deleted.

Sending Follow Requests Repeatedly

Repeatedly sending follow requests to a private account hoping the owner will make a mistake and accept is irritating and could get your account flagged.

Looking Over Someone’s Shoulder

Physically looking over the shoulder of someone logged into a private account grants you access, but this tactic does not work online and could destroy trust.

Are There Any Legitimate Ways to View Private Accounts?

The only guaranteed legitimate way to view a private Instagram account is to have the owner personally approve you as a follower.

Some acceptable options include:

  • Politely sending a follow request and asking the user to accept you. However, they are under no obligation to accept the request.
  • If you know the user offline, you can ask them in person to approve you.
  • Businesses and influencers sometimes have instructions in their profile bios explaining how to gain access for collaborations or other requests.
  • Journalists may be granted temporary access from private accounts they are reporting on after verifying their media credentials.

Outside of these methods, you should not attempt to view private Instagram accounts without permission. Be respectful of user privacy.

Can Trying to View Private Accounts Get You in Trouble?

Yes, attempting to view private Instagram accounts through questionable means could get your account suspended or banned. Violating Instagram’s policies could also create legal issues depending on the circumstances.

Some things that could get you in trouble include:

  • Using password hacking tools or account switcher apps
  • Accessing accounts through stolen login credentials
  • Creating fake accounts or repeatedly sending follow requests
  • Physically accessing someone’s device without permission
  • Using private account viewing services (which likely use prohibited tactics)

It is best to only try to view private accounts if the owner grants you access. While the mystery of private profiles is intriguing, respecting privacy should be the top priority.


Viewing private Instagram accounts without approval from the owner is unfortunately not possible. While workarounds may seem tempting, the risks of account bans make them not worthwhile. Additionally, private profiles are private for a reason so users likely do not want unwelcome eyes accessing their content. If there is a specific private account you are interested in viewing, politely reaching out the owner requesting access is your only legitimate option. Otherwise, you will simply have to wonder about the content being shared behind the scenes.

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