How to Mount a Broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy?

You would be aware of the Hogwarts Legacy game of this era. It is one of the popular video games played by people of different ages. This wizards’ game is based on the famous book and movie series; Harry Potter. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then the Hogwarts Legacy video game would be the best option to pass the time on a boring day.

On the Spotlight:

We are going to discuss the gaining of some achievements in the game. Like the Broomstick mount on the game. This is one of the achievements of this well-known video game. You need to have the Flying Class all done within the Main Quest in the game. Then after this phase, you need to buy a broomstick for flying. It costs almost 600 coins.


Hogwarts Legacy is based on the Harry Potter series with the same arrangement as the movie and all the characters. It is a 2023 action video game developed by Avalanche software. They have a coordination with Disney Studios. It was launched on 10 February 2023 for Windows, PlayStation and even Xbox. It was quite a success because, in only 2 weeks, around 12 million copies were sold. This made around $850 million.

How to Mount a Broom in the Game?

For mounting the broomstick there is a shortcut used that many users are unaware of:

Once you get the broom, then you need to fly on it. For this function, you will press the L1 button and then clasp the tiny Circle button on your joystick. This would enable you to mount and fly on your broomstick.

More About Hogwarts Legacy:

Flying on the broom was shown in the series but now in the game, you can also have this experience. It is fun to fly on these brooms in the video game, plus it is very easy to get the broomstick. You can overcome long distances with these broomsticks. You can move fast and move aside corners with the help of these in no time at all. There are almost 13 brooms in the game. All of these brooms have different features and the players are supposed to get these at different stages of the game.

Final Words:

The Hogwarts Legacy is one of the popular video games of 2023, it has many different gaming experiences, unlike other action-based games. It is successful with millions of people being entertained around the world. You can have it for your desktop, PlayStation, or Xbox and enjoy all the mystery. The Broomstick is one of the helpful tools in the game that you need to buy. It unlocks the flying experience in the game. Get a copy and have some action in your life!


Is Hogwarts Legacy a popular game?

Yes, for sure it is. Hogwarts Legacy is successful since the day it got launched. People around the world are die-hard fans and enjoy all the features. You can imagine its sales rate which was 120 million copies sold in a duration of 2 weeks.

Is the Broomstick necessary for Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, it is one of the necessary tools in the game as it helps to fly through long distances, at a fast speed, move around corners, and even escape from dangers. There are around 13 that help in many functions of the game.

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