How to Know if Your SEO Investment is Working


Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of every digital marketing plan. Search engines are used by billions of people from every corner of the world, and SEO provides us an opportunity to reach out to them. 

You need the help of an experienced professional or an agency to create an SEO strategy and execute it. It’s a time-consuming task that requires experience, so you have to rely on the service of someone else for this part. This means you also have to make sure that they don’t try to trick you. 

In SEO, there are some black hat practices that show you immediate results but hurt your online business for good. Make sure you don’t demand anything unrealistic from your service provider and monitor the performance yourself to ensure you are on the right track. 

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See Complete Backlink Report

All professional service providers like Summon.co that always provide their clients with a report. This SEO agency in London first submits a strategy to its clients and delivers a detailed report at every phase to keep them in the loop. This report contains information on all your SEO efforts. It will show you how many websites are linking to you and what keywords you are ranking for. 

You should particularly pay attention to the backlinks and make sure they are from relevant and authentic sources. If you see too many backlinks created in a short time from places that don’t look like good websites, it’s likely the work of a bot, which could get your site a Google penalty. 

Organic Traffic will Increase

One of the clear results of SEO is increased traffic. You will see a big change in the traffic after a month or two, depending on the strategy. However, you should also be able to differentiate between organic and paid traffic.

  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization

If you are getting traffic from advertisement campaigns, then it’s not the result of SEO efforts. Search engine marketing has two big parts. 

Traffic attracted through advertising is too expensive, and you can’t always rely on it. SEO builds organic sources of traffic that cost you nothing. 

Conversion Rate Gets Higher than Ever

Another way to ensure your SEO is actually working is through the conversion rate or sales. Conversion rate is the percentage of leads you get from website visitors. A good conversion rate means that you’re targeting the right and organic traffic. Only white hat practices can get you leads or sales. 

Traffic attracted through bots or spammy backlinks is entirely irrelevant and has a very high bounce rate. Make sure you integrate conversion tracking on your website to monitor these stats. 

Improved Search Engine Ranking

The main reason businesses invest in SEO is to get higher rankings in Google. If you see your ranking improving, it’s a clear sign that your investment is paying off. Remember that Google shows different results to the same queries when searched from different cities or countries. You should set the location on the Google search engine when checking your rank.

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