how to know if someone blocked you on iphone

Finding out if someone has blocked your number on their iPhone can be tricky. Unlike other platforms like Facebook or Instagram that notify you if you’ve been blocked, the iPhone doesn’t directly tell you if someone blocks your number. However, there are a few signs you can watch out for to determine if you’ve been blocked by an iPhone user.

Check Your Messages

One of the clearest signs that you’ve been blocked on iPhone is if your text messages to that person fail to deliver. When you text someone who has blocked you, you’ll see a green text under your message that says “Not Delivered.”

This means your message didn’t go through to the recipient because your number is blocked. If the message remains stuck on “Not Delivered” for an extended period of time, it’s very likely you’ve been blocked. The message won’t ever change to “Delivered” status because you can’t reach a blocked number.

Listen for the Voicemail Beep

Another telltale sign of being blocked on iPhone is if your calls go straight to voicemail every time. If you call someone and it rings once or twice followed immediately by their voicemail greeting, chances are high they’ve blocked you.

When you call someone who has blocked you, their iPhone won’t even ring on their end. It will go directly to voicemail so the person never has to deal with your call. Pay attention to how quickly you reach voicemail when calling someone – if it’s every time after just a ring or two, you’re probably blocked.

Check Facetime Requests

Try initiating a FaceTime call with the person to check if your requests go through or get rejected. If your FaceTime requests never connect with the person and they never answer, it likely means you’re blocked.

Keep in mind that they may genuinely miss your FaceTime requests by chance. But if you notice a pattern of all your FaceTime calls ringing endlessly without answer over a period of time, that’s a clear sign of being blocked on iPhone.

Look for Read Receipts

Read receipts are another great way to confirm if you’ve been blocked on iPhone. To test this, send the person a text and see if the “Delivered” text under your message turns blue and shows “Read.”

If the person has read receipts enabled and hasn’t blocked you, this will show you the exact time your message was read. But if the “Delivered” text stays gray and never indicates the message was read, that likely means you’ve been blocked and they never actually saw your text.

Check Shared Contacts

This trick involves checking your shared contacts with the person who you think may have blocked you. Go to your contacts app and see if that person still shows up under your shared contacts or not.

If they’ve blocked you, your iPhone will automatically remove that person from your shared contacts. So if they suddenly disappear from that list, it’s a clear sign you’ve been blocked. This is an unambiguous way to confirm you’re blocked, as shared contacts get removed automatically when someone blocks your number.

Look for Their Active Status

In iOS 15 and later, you can see when your iPhone contacts are actively using their devices or app if they have share active status enabled. If someone has blocked you, their active status will never display to you – you essentially become invisible to them.

So if you suddenly notice that someone’s active status has disappeared in your contacts after previously being able to view it, they likely blocked you on iPhone. Active status never lying for a blocked contact is a surefire way to know you’ve been blocked.

Use a Different Device

As a last resort, try calling or messaging the person from a different device or phone number. Borrow a friend’s phone and see if your calls/messages go through normally using that other number.

If they suddenly work fine when you switch devices, it unfortunately means the person has blocked your regular number or device. This method removes any doubt and makes it clear the block is on your end.

In summary, be on the lookout for undelivered messages, quick voicemail beeps, rejected FaceTime calls, lack of read receipts, disappearing from shared contacts, invisible active status, and failed communication from another device. Using these tips will help you determine if you’ve been blocked by an iPhone user.

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