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Healthcare providers have another set of tools to reach new patients with today’s technology. Digital marketing has become the new standard where medical service providers have websites and social media channels to reach a larger audience. it is more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods dig. Still, most marketing combined with SEO produces results. This article will look at how healthcare providers can take advantage of this use this technology.

SEO Explained

SEO is search engine optimization. As reported by Digital Authority Partners, the past year saw over half of all internet users search for information related to healthcare. Service providers with websites can employ a variety of SEO best practices to increase visitor traffic. With a larger audience of potential new patients seeing your medical service website, the odds are in your favor that your digital marketing efforts will convince many of these visitors to become new patients. Use organic and local SEO to become successful.

What Is Organic SEO?

The goal of every website owner should be to appear at or near the top of the first page of search results. For this to happen, several organic SEO techniques come into play. These include the research and use of keywords, a backlinking strategy, link building, and the creation and publication of relevant content. 

Search engines seek keywords to identify what your website is all about. Relevant content confirms to search engines that they have indexed your website correctly. So, when someone searches for – as an example – a dentist, websites that rank higher than others that contain content related to dentists will appear in the search engine results. All of this happens through organic SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a technique used to target internet users with local content better. Using our dentist example, if you are in the San Francisco area, you would probably enter a search engine query that says “San Francisco dentists” or “dentists near me. The content used in local SEO would provide just search engine results of websites for dentists located in and around San Francisco. 

To get your website ranked high enough to show up in the results of a local search, the content on your website has to be relevant to the website’s topic (dentists), but it has to contain location-based content that is also relevant and trusted. For example, a blog written by a San Francisco dentist would be one way to achieve this.

How Local SEO Helps Your Medical Practice

There are a few tips that you can implement immediately to improve the local SEO ranking of your website. They include the following:

Mention Your City

You should include the city’s name when you offer healthcare services as one of your keywords, Therefore, have on-page descriptions, titles, blog posts, and other content throughout your website to make it clear to search engines where you are and where you intend to provide services.

Use Your Full Address

On your About Us Page, Services Page, Contact Page, and blog pages, list your complete address. It can appear at the foot of every page or the top corner. Essentially, you want search engines to be able to understand that all pages of your website with your full address on them belong together. Plus, when you add your full address to pages of your website, keep it consistent on all pages. 

Link Your Google Maps Page

You should also have a Google Maps page if you have a website. If you don’t, now is the time to launch one. A business page on Google Maps makes it easier to locate your medical practice for mobile users walking down the street seeking your service. Be sure to have your Google Maps page linked to your website.

Use Local Keywords

If your specifically located healthcare service in the neighborhood of your city, near a local landmark, or other local connection, use all of these as keywords. They will assist in offering your website a search engine query as a targeted, location-specific result. For example, having your website appear as the response to a search for “dentists on the blank street” will direct traffic to your door and boosts your online presence through local SEO.

Put The Keywords Where They Will Do The Most Good

You should also have a Google Maps page if you have a website. Remember, search engines look at websites differently than humans, so keywords have to be in places where search engines crawl. All of this will assist in improving the ranking of your website and specific web pages.

How Local SEO Boosts Medical Practice Revenue

The competition in the healthcare industry is fierce. For public and private service providers, marketing has become essential in attracting and retaining patients. If you are not easy to find, your revenue stream will reflect that. To increase your income, you must compete with all of your competitors. 

One of the most effective ways of doing this is through SEO best practices used on your website. Part of the process is local SEO. Local SEO essentially pinpoints who you are, what you provide, and where you are. Search engines use this information to send traffic to your website and the front lobby of your medical practice. When the number of patients using your medical service increases, so does your revenue stream. But to be found online, you must utilize SEO to gain that exposure.

Final Thoughts

New technology brought us such things as the internet, computers, and smartphones. These are tools that can enhance your medical practice by attracting new patients. It starts with a website that is properly optimized for search engines.  This enhancement involves many elements designed to put your message before those seeking information about your services. With local SEO also assisting, your medical practice will not only gain exposure but will attract new patients.

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