How Has the Development of Technology Positively Affected Our Wellness?

Technology has advanced rapidly over the past few decades, leading to revolutionary changes in nearly every aspect of our lives. From communication to entertainment, transportation to medicine, technology now plays a pivotal role in shaping human society. While there are certainly concerns over the negative impacts of technology, it has also led to numerous improvements in our health, life expectancy, and overall well-being.

Improved Healthcare and Medical Treatments

Some of the biggest leaps in wellness have come from developments in healthcare and medical technology. Sophisticated diagnostic tools like MRI and CT scans allow doctors to detect health conditions earlier and with more accuracy. Robotic surgery techniques give surgeons greater precision, flexibility and control. Telemedicine enables remote diagnosis, monitoring and care through digital communication tools.

Artificial intelligence is being incorporated into screening processes to detect cancer, eye disease and other illnesses faster. Gene sequencing and editing technologies also hold promise for eliminating genetic diseases and customizing treatments. All of these advancements have led to earlier disease intervention, more targeted therapies, and reductions in health risks.

Increased Life Expectancy

Thanks in large part to better healthcare, medicine and public health policies enabled by tech advances, our life expectancy has increased dramatically. In the 1950s, global life expectancy was only 46 years. Today, it has risen to over 70 years and continues climbing. The developed world has benefited most as cutting-edge treatments become more accessible.Technology has helped almost eradicate some of history’s deadliest diseases. Mass vaccinations, insights from data science, and public health apps have all contributed to longer lifespans.

Greater Access to Health Information

The Internet has transformed how we access health-related information. We no longer need to rely solely on guidance from a doctor. Online resources like WebMD, government health sites and medical journals allow us to take greater control over our health. We can research symptoms, explore treatment options, learn about risks and diagnoses, and find professionals.

Health apps provide convenient access to guides, symptom checkers, fitness trackers and doctors. Home DNA testing kits like 23andMe also empower us with genetic insights for managing disease risks. Social media groups also connect us to communities facing similar conditions. Access to health information resources has made us more informed, engaged and empowered patients.

Improved Fitness and Nutrition

Wearable activity trackers and exercise apps help motivate us to move more, with technology measuring our progress. Smartwatches and fitness bands monitor steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and sleep patterns. Apps recommend customized exercise routines and balanced diets. With technology able to capture detailed data on individual activity, nutrition and biometrics, it pushes us toward healthier lifestyles. AI coaching offers personalized guidance without the need for expensive personal trainers or nutritionists.

Better Mental Health Management

Many also utilize their devices and laptops to access mental health information and self-care techniques like meditation. Mental health apps connect users to therapists, support groups and mood-tracking. Video conferencing enables remote counseling. AI chatbots can respond to users experiencing anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts. By expanding access to support communities, mental health services and treatment plans, technology assists with stress relief, emotional wellness and disorder management.


While excessive technology use can negatively impact health in some ways, the vast improvements it has enabled demonstrate that its thoughtful development can profoundly enhance our well-being. Medical treatments, preventative care resources, fitness tools and mental health support systems made possible by tech progress have increased life expectancy, lowered disease risks and addressed health conditions earlier. When designed and applied judiciously, technology’s health benefits for both physical and mental wellness are tremendous.

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