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Talking about a particular domain is something very rare as people are just focusing on their domain to rank it high on the Google page. Are you aware of Hearts.vex.net? It is a subdomain of the Heart.Vex has global traffic of 4,289, 866 in the world. Isn’t it impressive? The estimated worth of this site is $240.00 and the daily income of it is $1.00. Still, there are no active threats were reported by users, that’s why it is called the safest site to browse. 

If we talk about the website’s score, then it is almost a 40% score. 47% is working very successfully with the passed verifications step. Almost 23% of total warning and 30% of total errors that required fast action. 

Website’s Information 

Let’s check the global Alexa rank of 4,281,024 in the world. This site has 5,488 monthly visitors and has 352 daily traffic based on Alexa. The best thing about it is its Domain authority that is 51 out of 100 and Moz’s rank is 4.5 out of 10.

Revenue Generation Of The Site

The estimatedd earnings of the site hearts.vex.net are currently at $ 0 USD and reach 196 visitors each day that generates a daily revenue from advertisements i.e. Google AdSense and media.net of $0 USD approximately.

Traffic On The Heart.Vex.Net

The website has daily visitors of 196 and page viewers of 352. Also, you will find monthly unique visits to 5,488.

Hearts.Vex.Net – A Complete Domain Summary

  1. The traffic rank of Hearts.Vex.Net has 3,433,412 globally on Alexa.
  2. 7.0E-6% of internet users visit Hearts.Vex.Net.
  3. 318 visitors approximately reach the page and 635-page impressions per day.
  4. People who are located in Iran are most of the visitors of Hearts.Vex.Net.
  5. Hearts.Vex.Net can earn about $2.59/day from advertising revenue. 
  6. The estimated value of Heart.Vex.Net is $1, 891, 51.
  7. Hearts.vex.net resolves to the IP addresses
  8. The servers of Hearts.vex.net are located in North York, Ontario, M3J, and Canada.

What Technologies Does Hearts.Vex.Net Use?

Few of these technologies include:

Web servers

JavaScript Frameworks

  • Backbone.js 
  • Marionette.js

UI FrameWorks

  • Bootstrap
  • Operating Systems


  • Web Server Extensions


  • Mod-WSGI 

Payment Processors 

  • PayPal

Programming Languages

  • Python

JavaScript Libraries

  • Underscore.js

Backlinks Of The Page Hearts.Vex.Net

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A backlink from Page: directorylib.com/domain/hearts.vex.net

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A backlink from Page: hetlevenduurteenlevenlang.nl/best-hearts-game/

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A backlink from Page: fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hertta_(korttipeli)

  1. Link back to URL: hearts.vex.net/
  2. Anchor Text: http://hearts.vex.net/
  3. Link is Nofollow

How To Play A Game With Hearts.Vex.Net

Here are some easy tips that will help you to play a game with hearts.vex.net.

  1. To start a new game, you need to press the Start new game button. And start your game with three computer players. Human players can join your game at any time and replace the computer player. 
  2. 2- For joining a game in progress, you need to select a game list then press the join button game. 

This is the standard four-player heart game card with the only rule is that the game will over when any player has 100 0r more points. So, just download the website and enjoy using its fascinating features. 

Benefits Of This Game

Playing game is the wish of everyone as it not only gives us entertainment but also refreshes the individual’s mind. The best thing is that it is free to use. No cost and time required. Just click on your favorite game and start enjoying your time. The only thing that this game looks for is the donation process. If you are willing to pay the donation to this site, then you can use a PayPal account to transfer the decided amount. No particular amount is required for the game. If you can afford it, then do serve for the immunity.


You might not be aware of this site before because it is not popular in all countries. But still, there are people who know about it and using it effectively. Get all the information shown above that surely helpful for you as a first time user or regular user. You will definitely enjoy reading some facts about it like Moz ranking and backlinks of it. You will also get to know whether this site is useful for you or not. For more details, you can stay connected with us. You will be inspired by getting useful information regarding such impressive sites.

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