Give me Back my Childhood, Some Bridges That Hold Your Hand And Take You Back to The Carefree Days of Childhood.


Childhood is the memorable period of a person’s life which he can never forget. Whether it’s the gola ganda or raw guava with spices, it’s not the pleasure of eating at the biggest five-star hotel – the pleasure of typing something on an expensive iPod is the pleasure of typing in a dollar pen. She can’t forget to write it down – the fingers being filled with them and then the stains on the mouth from the hands with them in thoughtlessness, every incident is imprinted in the memory of a person in such a way that the things related to it whenever a person pass in front of the sight of the person reaches the past –

Some memorable moments from childhood

Nineties people are special in this regard. In his life, he enjoyed a very simple lifestyle on the one hand and then became a part of the fastest era of modern technology. So these people are also called the middle generation of two centuries who witnessed the very important events of history very closely, today we have brought some gifts for such people –

1: When public transport was discounted for students

2: Who has studied sitting on such benches and desks?

3: How cool was the class that had a geometry box?

4: This is the bottle in which hands and clothes were dyed after returning from school

5: Pasting colored pulses into the copy was also a skill

6: Who has hit it off with friends while standing in line?

7: During the drying period, those who had the privilege of making colorful samples came to the fore

8: How valuable was this note found in pocket money?

9: Gola Gunda, the taste of which has not been found since childhood

10: Sometimes peacock, sometimes hakka, but the taste is the same

These childhood memories are some of the memories that whenever they pass in front of the eyes, they bring with them a lot of memories and the faces of the people who were born.

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