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George Santo Pietro is a foremost American businessman and camera technician who owns a couple of restaurants in California. Later, being a restaurant owner to becoming the spouse of a media personality. He was born on 12th December 1946 in Beverly Hills, California USA. He is a Caucasian businessman and actor. And most importantly famous for being the ex-husband of the popular actress and producer from Double Dragon, Graduation Day, and Wheel of Fortune – Vanna White.

Early Life Of George Santo Pietro 

George was the only child who raised in his birthplace by parents with unknown names and professions. It is still unclear that what he studies to become the person he is today, as well as no childhood interest has found. It is unknown what high school he went to, he has supposed to complete his matriculation in 1964. Again, people are still not aware of his education like what degree he has, or which college he selected to complete his education. 

George, as per his zodiac sign Sagittarius is energetic, curious, open-minded and a person who is motivated by philosophical views. He worked as a dolly grip in Beverly Hills series in 1990. He also worked the same job during the production of 17 episodes of the “They Came from Outer Space” series. 

Personal Life And Marriage Of George Santo Pietro

When it comes to the personal life of George, he married three times in his life. Firstly, in 1981 to actress Linda Evans who was his longtime girlfriend. They had a daughter named Andrea. Their marriage came to end in 1984. After that, George married Vanna White in 1989 who was a renowned television presenter and the host of the “Wheel of Fortune” show. Before their separation in 2002, they had two children. 

Before George married Vanna, he really supported her when her fiancé died in a plane crash. Vanna had a miscarriage in 1992, but after five years of marriage, they had their first son and later a daughter. 

Three years later Pietro married Melissa Mascari after their dating period of one year. They have a daughter together named Chiara. They are now living a blissful and happy life together with their beautiful daughter.

George’s relation with Vanna was really awesome that people still remember. They spent almost 13 years together where they together face ups and downs in their life. They first face the miscarriage of Vanna that makes her feel so upset. Later, they blessed with a son and a daughter. 

After 13 years, they both felt that their marriage cannot survive more and the couple get divorced after years of love and togetherness. 

Professional Career Of George Santo Pietro

George owned a very famous Italian restaurant in 1980. He had named Santopietro’s, Bel-Air California. It is located in a strip mall near Mulholland Drive. His regular clientele was Hollywood celebrities. After a few times, he opened another restaurant known for sushi, located in the Sushi-Ko complex. He ran this hotel for 10 years and because of its superb services, clients were really happy to visit the restaurant at least once a week. 

Apart from his restaurant, he was an actor who played an effective role as a plumber with Katheleen Turner and Jack Nicholson in the movie “Prizzi’s Honor” released in 1985. He also acts in “Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love” in 1994. As he is also a producer, he contributed to the production of other films like L. A Doctors and True Blood. Now, George Pietro is a real estate developer. 

Net Worth Of Santo Pietro

He is a successful businessman and has many properties that he has secured to live a luxurious life. He sold his Beverly Hills Italian Villa in 2007 value $50 million. It has 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. It also includes a huge screening room, a large outdoor pool, wine basement, spice and herb garden, and a volleyball court. Now, he has sold it for $23.5 million. 

He also sold another mansion that has 10 bathrooms and eight bedrooms located in Beverly Hills. He owned with Vanna White his ex-wife in 2010 for $22.6 million. And in 2017, the market price of this mansion was $47.5 million. 

The net worth of George Santo Pietro is $14 million and tied up with more property. He has earned a lot of money from his business and the agent’s job. He also earned enough amounts from his Hollywood presence as well as from his restaurant. It is obvious that his net worth will increase as he continues his career. 

Body Measurement Of Santo Pietro

Of course, it is amazing to discuss the physique of a popular businessman or an actor. His current height and weight are unknown. But he has dark brown hair as well as eyes. And his body shape is generally described as regular. He really looks smart and inspires others with his dashing personality. 

Presence Of Santo On Social Media Platform

As being active on social media not only gives us informed, but it helps in interacting with fans. But when it comes to George Santo, he has not found so active on social media accounts. He is not so popular on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It sounds good if we found our popular personality on social media. And interacting with them also amazes the fans. And in George’s case, we cannot find him on social accounts but can read articles on Google. 


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