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Daughter to Lawrence O’Donnell and Kathryn Harrold, Elizabeth Buckley Harrold O’Donnell. While having such well-known parents, Elizabeth is not well-known. After they first met in 1994, her parents married, and Elizabeth’s mother, Kathryn, got pregnant soon after. 2013 saw the divorce of Harrold and O’Donnell upon 19 years of marriage. There are few pictures of Elizabeth online since she has avoided the spotlight, not even with social media. Even her exact birthdate is a mystery.

Who are the parents of Elizabeth Buckley Harrold O’Donnell?

Lawrence O’Donnell is Elizabeth O’Donnell’s father. Most people probably associate him with the political discussion program “The Last Word at Lawrence O’Donnell,” a show he hosts of M.S.N.B.C. The 67-year-old also stars in Homeland writes novels, and produces West Wing. He has also had positions as a staff director with the Legislative Finance Committee and as a senator’s assistant. 

Kathryn Harrold is well recognized for her work on The Hunter (starring Steve McQueen), the pursue about D.B. Cooper (which also features Robert Duvall), as well as the Raw show Deal (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger). Upon leaving the film industry, Harrold is employed as a psychologist in Los Angeles, California.

What Kind of Relationship Are the Parents of Elizabeth Buckley Harrold Is O’Donnell Married In? Have they got kids?

Buckley Harrold O’Donnell’s parents, Lawrence O’Donnell and Kathryn Harrold made up in 1991. Before being married in 1994, they had a protracted relationship. The small gathering was limited to immediate family members. They both actively participated in several media and public events. The experienced reporter did not start dating again after his divorce either. He is open right now.

The new wife of Elizabeth’s father, Lawrence O’Donnell, is Tamron Hall, whom they purportedly wed secretly in 2016. Since they were married, he has been seeing Kathryn—however, Kerry Washington, the media personality, dated earlier than Hall in 2008. Later, Tamron Hall dispelled the myth by admitting that she had married Steve Greener in 2019. She was due to have their son Moses in 2019.

The Last Word host and Lawrence O’Donnell have not discussed his private affairs or professional relationships. He consequently lives a tranquil, alone life.

The paternal qualities of Elizabeth Buckley Lawrence O’Donnell, sometimes Elizabeth O’Donnell, are American television commentators, actors, and writers. Their father is Harrold O’Donnell. His estimated net worth in 2023 is $16 million. The majority of his income comes from hosting television shows.

One of the wealthiest and most influential individuals, O’Donnell has inspired countless young people and acted as a role model for achievement in all facets of life. The sky is no barrier for a person that wants to soar high; he continued to demonstrate.

American actress and counselor Kathryn Harrold is Elizabeth’s mother. Her estimated fortune is $14 million. She primarily works as an entertainer to make ends meet. Raw Deal, Kathryn Harrold’s breakout performance, launched her acting career in 1986. Then she made an appearance in the 7-rated film Modern Romance.

Judith Buckley The Professional Life as well as Career of Harrold O’Donnell

Elizabeth Harrold O’Donnell Buckley’s career path is yet uncertain. On the other hand, her dad made her debut on screen in 1976’s The Doctors as Nola Dancy Aldrich. The program starred Kathryn and Joanna Pettet as co-stars. She has had a few movie cameos, including Chicago Hope and Vampire. Based on a 1983 episode of police misbehavior and unjust death, Lawrence O’Donnell published Deadly Force.

From 1989 through 1995, her father became Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s legal assistant. Lawrence has made guest appearances on numerous television programs, including The Western Wing, First Monday, and Mister Sterling. In addition to his work on The He Show, Morning Joe, and Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Very Last Word, Lawrence has appeared on several other shows.

The Worth of Elizabeth Buckley Harrold O’Donnell

O’Donnell is still seeking employment. She, therefore, needs a means of getting money. She is also having her financial position looked at. Her mother and father, however, have net worths of $14 million along $16 million, respectively. Through their numerous employment, they had amassed a sizeable quantity of money. Later, in 2010, the father of Elizabeth took a flight to Malawi with M.S.N.B.C. and UNICEF staff members.

In December 2013, they also started a $6.5 million donation campaign to buy 100,000 workstations for every classroom. Additionally, Lawrence contributes to the cause of K.I.N.D. The Fund, which offers educational scholarships to young Malawian women. For the Fund, about $19 million was already raised.

Online profiles of Elizabeth Buckley Harrold, whom O’Donnell

Instagram, Twitter, and Elizabeth Buckley Harrold O’Donnell are all dormant. She also avoids sharing photos of herself online that aren’t covered up. As a result, her primary page needs specific information about her, but we can still find out things like her birthday, height, age, etc. Her parents handle her social media profiles. The status of Elizabeth Buckley, the elder Harrold O’Donnell’s marriage

Many media consumers are fascinated by the celebrity lifestyle. The public was interested in the relationship status of a celebrity child. Despite her fame, Elisabeth Buckley Harrold O’Donnell has managed to keep her personal life a secret. Let’s talk about her current romantic status in more depth.

Additionally, Buckley O’Donnell has needed help avoiding the spotlight. Elizabeth is only well-known to the general public because of her connections to the families of Kathryn Harold and Lawrence O’Donnell. Elizabeth is not on platforms such as Facebook. Additionally, we need to know about her romantic ties. She might, therefore, have a part in one. If she mentions this romantic relationship, we’ll let you know.


Elizabeth’s decision to maintain a modest profile is a tribute to the strength of personal decisions in a society where prominence can occasionally be associated with visibility. She may eventually have her story made public, but for now, she is still a mystery—someone whose who’s potential outweighs her past.

Frequently Asked Questions

What relevance do Elizabeth’s parents’ humanitarian initiatives have?

She is well-known to the general public because of her connections to the families of Kathryn Harold and Lawrence O’Donnell.

How does Elizabeth draw in such a large following?

Elizabeth keeps a low-key and discreet online persona so her parents can post updates about her life on their social media profiles.

Tamron Hall and Lawrence O’Donnell dated?

Tamron Hall and Lawrence O’Donnell’s romance comes to an end. The relationship between Tamron Hall and Lawrence O’Donnell, which began in 2011, was rumored to be blossoming on-set. Fans, though, could see everything.

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