Doreen Lioy – A Night Stalker’s Wife


Doreen Lioy – A Magazine Editor 

Doreen Lioy is a magazine editor and also known as the ex-wife of a serial killer and late convicted rapist Richard Ramirez. Her husband was known for a criminal person who has also found in working in “Night Stalker”. He got a lot of media attention over years. Doreen was born in Burbank California, USA. 

She is a journalist by profession and made her mark in the media industry as a freelance magazine editor working on television documentaries. Her remarkable work is THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars and a book she wrote and titled Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker. The book includes her hidden secrets about the life and suffering of her husband Richard. 

The Strange Relationship Of Doreen And Richard

Richard Ramirez was the serial killer who never hides his actions when he was arrested and taken to prison. During his time in prison, the courts were filled with supporters that drag the case for many years to execute the main motive. 

There is no particular date for when Doreen and Richard met first. But it has revealed that Doreen got to know about Richard after watching his arrest on television and embarked on intensive follow-ups on his background. And then she fell in love with him. 

The Wealth Of Doreen Lioy

As of late 2018, the net worth of Doreen was estimated at $300,000 that she earned through success in her numerous activities. She earned a good salary as she is a magazine editor. But the complete detail of her income is not revealed on social platforms. As per her hard work, it is understood that she is a good worker who earns enough amount to live a luxurious life. It is also expected that her wealth will also increase over time. 

How Richard Ramirez Captured For Prison

In 1985, Richard went to meet her brother without being aware that his face was already spreading in various news channels and newspapers. He walked past officers and realized that he was being identified. He attempts to steal a car but was chased by Bystanders. After that, He was then caught by a group of residents who beat him until the police took him into custody. 

During his courtroom, he was imprisoned for all the charges that include 13 counts of murders, five attempted murders, 14 burglaries, and 13 sexual assaults. He was died in California’s gas chamber and also he expressed through social media that he didn’t care much for his death. 

Letter For The Popular Richard Ramirez

After Richard’s courtroom proceedings on television, he started gathering many fans. Richard has a large group of fans who often wrote letters for him. And Doreen was one of those fans. Doreen Lioy, who was the magazine editor, started writing to Richard daily. She began her deeds in 1985 and wrote almost 75 letters while he was imprisoned. After that, the two started seeing each other and Doreen visited him four times a week that made them fall for each other and after years, we have seen unlike romance between a pair. 

How They Got Married

Richard Ramirez proposed the Doreen Lioy in 1988 and they both were agreed on the relationship. After eight years, they tied a knot for marriage in 1996 at California’s San Quentin State Prison. Doreen shared her thoughts for Richard in an interview with CNN. She said:

“He is Kind, he is funny, he is charming. I think he is really a great person. He is my best friend; he’s my buddy”.

In the same interview, Doreen said, I believed in my husband which led to many people calling her delusional (having a faulty judgment). And she also knows that people will call her crazy and innocent after being the wife of Ramirez. 

Troubles In Their Way (Doreen Lioy And Richard Ramirez)

As Doreen has complete faith in her husband Richard and of course it was not easy to listen against him for sure. She said:

“I know it is hard to understand if my best friend came and said, ‘You know, this guy Timothy McVeigh, who just got convicted? Even if I think he is really cute

Of course, it wasn’t easy for her to get married to her love as her parents were not agreed with her decision. After the decision, her family disowned her and cut their ties with her. 

Another trouble was that she couldn’t realize her dream of having kids. She said,

“I love children, but I haven’t revealed it in front of my husband and I didn’t share the secret that I wanted five or six children. But it was not possible for me to fulfill my dream that’s why I replaced my dream with being with Richard”. 

Doreen also threatened to commit suicide if Richard was ever hanged. She is quietly odd since his death. But still, her identity remains unknown. 

Where Is Doreen Lioy Today?

It is in many hearts where Doreen has gone after the death of her husband. It is believed that she is alive but located somewhere in the USA. Many people also believe she is dealing with her grief and shock over the guilt and ultimate death of her husband. She is also not on social media and also kept her away from every public event since the death of her husband Richard Ramirez in 2013. 


Doreen Lioy was not a famous personality before, but she was known as a magazine editor. After getting attached with Richard Ramirez, she gets popular, and now everyone knows her by the name of serial killer Richard. Richard had paid for his crimes and he is now no more with us. Many of the fans and supporters are looking for Doreen who is now hidden from all the social or public events. If you are interested in knowing more about popular celebrities, then stay tuned with us and get some popular news about your favorite person in the industry.

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