Disney Plus Error Code 83 Firestick

Disney+ is one of the most popular streaming services available today. However, some Firestick users have reported getting Error Code 83 when trying to access Disney+. This error prevents users from watching Disney+ content on their Firestick device. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve Error Code 83 on Firestick.

What is Disney+ Error Code 83?

Disney+ Error Code 83 indicates there is an issue communicating with the Disney+ servers. This communication error prevents the Disney+ app on your Firestick from fetching the required data to stream content. As a result, you get the vague “Something went wrong” message instead of being able to watch Disney+ movies and shows.

Error Code 83 on Firestick usually occurs due to internet connectivity problems. Your Firestick may be connected to the internet but there could be network issues preventing proper communication between your device and Disney+ servers. Configuring your Firestick device and home network can help resolve this error.

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Potential Causes of Disney+ Error Code 83 on Firestick

Here are some potential reasons why Disney+ Error Code 83 occurs on Firestick devices:

  • Slow/unreliable internet connection
  • Outdated Disney+ app version
  • DNS server configuration issues
  • Outdated Firestick software
  • Firestick internet/network connectivity problems
  • Disney+ server outages

Checking these possible causes can help you pinpoint why Error Code 83 is occurring on your Firestick.

How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 83 on Firestick

If you encounter Disney+ Error Code 83 on your Firestick, try these troubleshooting solutions:

Restart Your Firestick and Modem/Router

Often a simple reboot can resolve network issues causing Error Code 83. Restart your Firestick by going to Settings > Device > Restart. Also, unplug your modem and router for 30 seconds before plugging them back in. This refreshing of network devices resets connections which may fix Error Code 83.

Check Your Internet Connection Speed

Poor internet performance can lead to Disney+ Error Code 83. Use a speed test site to check your Firestick’s internet connection speed over WiFi. If your download speed is below 25Mbps, contact your ISP about improving internet speeds or upgrading your home network. Slow speeds make it difficult for the Firestick to maintain a stable connection with Disney+ servers.

Update Your Disney+ App

An outdated Disney+ app version can cause issues streaming content. Go to the Amazon Appstore on your Firestick and check for any available updates for the Disney+ app. Installing the latest app version helps resolve bugs that may be causing Error Code 83.

Change Your DNS Server

Disney+ Error Code 83 is sometimes caused by DNS server connection issues. On your Firestick, go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > DHCP and change the DNS servers to and This uses Google’s public DNS instead of your ISP’s DNS, which can fix DNS problems related to Error Code 83.

Check for Firestick Software Updates

Like apps, an outdated Firestick software/firmware can also lead to streaming errors. Go to Settings > Device > About > Software Updates to install any available Firestick updates. This ensures your Firestick is running the latest software with bug fixes.

Contact Disney+ Support

If you still get Error Code 83 after trying the above steps, get in touch with Disney+ support. They can further troubleshoot and provide specialized fixes like clearing app cache/data to resolve persistent Disney+ errors on your Firestick.


Disney+ Error Code 83 is a nuisance but the error can be fixed with some troubleshooting steps. Check your internet connection speed, update the Disney+ app, change DNS servers, and restart your Firestick/modem/router to resolve the issue. If the error continues, contact Disney+ support to investigate the problem further. With the right troubleshooting, you’ll be streaming Disney+ content without errors again on your Firestick.

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