Deer Suddenly Stops Seeing Because. What Scent Comes Out of This Deer’s Body?


If we walk blindfolded for a few minutes, we will fall. So think how the most beautiful deer can live even with eyes and this animal without speech can’t tell anyone about its pain.

What Actually Happens is That Whenever a Deer Starts to Get Old, This Light Membrane Like Tissue Paper Appears Over Its Eyes.

Due to which it does not see, due to which its owner removes this membrane from a thin straw. Moreover, it is also said that the deer sees this world as a slight green color.

Naturally, it has the ability to see, that’s why predators hiding behind a plant cannot recognize it, the reason is that the color of plants is also green.

Let’s go ahead and tell you that deer is an animal whose body musk, if you keep it in your room, the room will smell for hours. In this news of our website, we tell you in which deer this musk is found. Remember that this musk is found in a particular deer.

And unless the deer is young, it does not smell. Musk is extracted by hunting a deer, which is present in a gland in its body in the back of the navel above the navel, which contains this moisture. Accumulated to form musk. Also let us tell you that there are 3 types of musk.

For example, the first musk is black on the inside, the second is dark blue and the third is maroon, while the best musk is maroon in color, but there is not much difference between the three, and this musk is found only in male deer. Not in female deer.

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