Debby Clarke Belichick

It is said that a woman brings fortune to the man she marries. However, things turn out to be a bit different for a few women. Some women gain fame, wealth, and many opportunities after marriage and Debby Clarke is one of them. Her love story, and after marriage, life follows a different path.

To know about this lady and her life, you should continue reading. However, there is a lack of information about Debby’s personal and early life. This content shall reveal a lot about her.

Introducing Debby Clarke Belichick

Debby Clarke Belichick is a businesswoman born in 1955 at the location of Nashville, Tennessee USA. However, her birth sign is unrevealed. There is no Wikipedia page about her information that gives a clue about her date of birth, parents, or academic history.

Thus, research shows that at some time, there was enough information about Debby but, a few years back, the page owner removed everything leaving a blank page with the followers becoming clueless. Therefore, the journey from being an ordinary girl to becoming a businesswoman remains a mystery to the audience.

Early life and Education

There is quite less information about Debby’s early life and education. According to some sources, she had a keen interest in designing at an early age until she reached the age where she had many other career opportunities. 

Moreover, she did her matriculation from high school. Later, she enrolled herself at Wesleyan University. This is the age from where the actual story of her life began. 

Reason For Becoming Famous

Did you know that Debby Clarke Belichick didn’t earn fame for being a businesswoman? The reason behind that is something else. Debby is well known for being Debby Clarke Belichick. Due to the reason that Bill Belichick was famous for being the head coach of the National Football Team.

So, who would not like to know about Bill Belichick’s wife? Moreover, when the story is interesting and twisted, it drives the attention of the audience and makes them curious to know more about the couple and their life. Before moving forward to other information, you should know that currently, Debby is Belichick’s ex-wife.

If you want to know what went wrong that the love birds had to end their relationship, you should not miss the next few paragraphs.

The Story of Love Birds

The love story of Debby and Bill is more like a typical one. They met at Wesleyan University when Bill played football games at college along with Lacrosse. Both of them dated for a long time, and when the college ended, they remained in a relationship. 

Later in 1977, both of them tied the knot as a married couple. At that time, Bill was pursuing his career in coaching the football team. Whereas, Debby focused on her married life, looking after the house chores and family. Thus, she did not pay heed to her career at all. 

Net Worth of Debby Clarke

If you see Bill Belichick’s net worth, it is almost thirty-five million dollars. In comparison to that, Debby is net worth and no less. She gradually elevated after getting married and then taking a divorce from Bill. Soon after the divorce, Debby’s concentration on her career increased along with the net worth. Furthermore, her business has been appealing to many individuals, and she has gained a lot of fame through it. It is safe to say that her net worth did increase because of Bill Belichick net worth.

Debby’s Divorce

It had been almost thirty years of Debby and Bill’s marriage anniversary when the news broke into the audience of their divorce. It was 2007 when both of them separated their ways. 

The reason behind the divorce was none other than the unfaithfulness. Sources reveal that misunderstandings came to birth when Debby learned about her ex-husband’s extramarital affair with Sharon Shanocca, who worked as a receptionist for the New York Giants. 

Moreover, reports also revealed that Bill had been sending Sharon Shanocca five-thousand dollars every month. Additionally, he gifted her a Park Slope twin house at a rate of 2.2 million dollars even when Sharon was already married to someone. 

However, his relation with Sharon also came to an end soon after divorce from Debby. The story does not end here. The audience spotted Bill with Linday also as they both met at the location of Florinda at a nightclub in 2017. Besides this, there is not any information about Debby that either she has been in a relationship with someone, or not. She has lept her life quite private from the prying eyes of the media.

The Belichick Family

Before Bill and Debby separated, they were blessed with three children; Amanda, Stephen, and Brian. All of them are old enough and have graduated. They are also pursuing their careers, leading to a happy and independent life. 

Amanda is the eldest who chose the path of her father by playing with the Lacrosse team at Wesleyan University. Also, she has been a coach for the football team along with working as an administrator. 

Similarly, Stephen also went for the same goal. Keeping keen interest in football, he participated in Lacrosse as well as promoting to become an assistant coach. The last one, Brian also followed his siblings and became a scouting assistant after graduation. 

Thus, all of their children acquired extraordinary skills in football sports and became assistants and coaches to lead the team. However, reports confirm that Bill and Debby are still in touch with each other as they celebrate family gatherings and events together. They maintain a healthy relationship among them for the sake of their children. However, she does remain to be often regarded as Bill Belichick’s wife.


After getting information from several sources, it is prominent that Debby Clarke Belichick has kept a lot of information about her parents and early life private. The only information that anyone can get is a mere glimpse of her location of birth and education. There is not any clue about the courses or subjects she chose to pursue her career.

Moreover, she did not take a longer time to move on, after separation from Bill. She moved on without crying over it or creating a hype. Thus, the resources predict that she will take her business to the next level and gain more fame among the audiences.

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