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What Happens When You Have Damaged Solar Panels?

Damaged Solar Panels

Roughly about 6 percent of homeowners in the United States have some solar panels installed. Solar panels can generate anywhere up to 550 kilowatts of energy every year for your home and provide you with huge savings on your electric bill every month. 

However, as great as solar panels can be for the environment and your utility bill, what happens if you have damaged solar panels and they stop being effective?

Have you recently gotten solar panels for your home only to find that one or more of them have become damaged? 

Here is everything you need to know in case your home has damaged solar panels and how to get a solar panel replacement. 

How Can You Tell If You Have Damaged Solar Panels?

If you are able to get up to your roof, you may notice that your solar panels have burn marks on them. These are hot spots and could be causing prolonged damage to the panels. 

Any broken glass or scratches will definitely cause the solar panel to not work as efficiently. Common causes can be hail, severe weather, stray golf balls, broken tree limbs, and even constant exposure to dust or dirt. 

Dust and dirt particles can cause tiny, micro scratches that can add up to severe damage over time. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Solar Panel?

It is important to know the price of solar panels, especially if one of yours becomes damaged. Installing a set of solar panels for your home can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars all the way to tens of thousands of dollars. 

A good question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you should repair your damaged solar panels or replace them with new ones. 

The answer is that it absolutely depends on the level of damage. Always call a professional to examine the damage before trying to fix it yourself. Solar panels can contain toxic materials and sharp glass. They also require specialized parts when replacing sections of them. 

How Can You Prevent Further Damage to Solar Panels?

It is important that you do not let the maintenance of your solar panels fall to the wayside. Always perform the scheduled and recommended maintenance for your solar panels to prevent any further damage down the road. 

If you are expecting severe weather, whether it be hail or a hurricane, you can buy protective material to cover your solar panels with. 

Looking for More Information on Learning How to Repair a Solar Panel?

Solar panels can provide all the electricity and energy your household needs. But if you have damaged solar panels, they can stop being as effective and can end up costing you more than they were saving you. 

You can always ask your solar panel installer to determine whether or not you need replacement solar panels or if they can fix them.

Be sure to follow along for all the latest on environmentally-friendly tips and tricks that can save you money each month while also helping to save the environment.

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