Brittanya Razavi: Who Is This Popular Woman?

brittanya razavi

A person having two faces! Weird to listen to this, but here is the name of that woman who turns from the bad side and chooses the right path to her life. She is also known as the bad-est chick on social media. She changed her life and started a simple lifestyle by choosing acting as her profession.

Want you to know who these popular women are? If yes, so you’ll be glad to listen to her name. The name of this American actress is Brittanya Razavi.  

This lady was born on the 7th of July 1985 in Oxnard. However, she is an actress and a fashion designer too.

Brittanya Razavi is a talented model and is also known as an American actress. This young lady faces many difficulties and problems in her life but she never lets anybody know about it.

So, here is some more about the bad-est chick namely Brittanya Razavi. 

Early Life

A girl with diverse and amazing skills could do everything by her efforts but could not stop the bad times that come to her or her family. Her father went to prison when she was 17 years old. 

However, she is an independent worker and loved to do her work by herself. She is an American social media star who works hard to achieve big. She is also called by her name Brittanya O-Campo, which is known as her birth name. Moreover, one more name which is really famous to know about her is Brittanya McCall Razavi.

She didn’t let anyone know about her early life and childhood because she thought that it is hard enough to share your private life with social media. 

Height, Weight And More

brittanya razavi

Brittanya Razavi possesses some great qualities and by all of these qualities, she is really known well to her supporting fans. Sometimes, great skills and sometimes, perfect things complete and help a person.

However, this young lady has a great measurement of height at 5’3” /160cm. This suits her and is perfect for her profession. She weighs 122 pounds / 55kg. Furthermore, she is a wealthy woman who earns enough to run her home.

She has a perfect body figure measuring 36-25-37. Hair is one of the main features that contribute to beauty. This lady has got brown hair, which suits her the most. Sometimes, eyes become the most fascinating, and expressing, having a perfect eye color is no less than a blessing. And this young lady has got beautiful hazel color eyes which makes her more pretty.


Brittanya Razavi is a very talented actress, known as American star actress. This lady faced many hurdles in her life at different stages but never let down herself in front of anyone. She kept on working hard to do something great in her life.

However, from an early age, she dreamt to be an actress and she became one, by her efforts and hard work. She joined the entertainment industry and started her career. She was fond of fashion designing so she chose fashion designing as her next profession. 

She loves her profession by all her heart. She has always tried new roles to attract people to her performance. Moreover, she has got die-heart fans as she is known to be the best American Actress Star in America.


When you do something great and interesting, people appreciate you to perform better. However, Brittanya Razavi, the young lady did many attempts for her great role to win the hearts of people in a great way. 

She is the kind of woman who works with complete concentration and never gets dis-hearted when she loses something. She has learned great lessons to cover her mistakes from the past. 

brittanya razavi

She has done many roles in different characters. The characters were really amazing which were performed in these roles, which were cast during the year 2001. However, this great lady appeared on a VH1 series which was quite famous. The names of those series were the Rock Of Love Bus and the Charm School. Moreover, she has been featured in many magazines like Tatto Energy, Rebel Ink, Savage Tattoo, and more others. 


The reality star Brittanya Razavi went to jail for some issues but was bailed. Brittanya, the pretty girl, was the source of attraction and had a boyfriend named Moe Razavi. A great man who loved her girl with all his heart. 

Additionally, they knew almost everything about each other. Therefore, they got married and the relationship changed from boyfriend to spouse. They both live a peaceful and happy life. This beautiful couple was blessed with their first child namely Cash King, on the 26th of March 2011. 


Discussing her life and knowing her in a better way, led all of us to many aspects of her life that were unknown. This young American reality star Brittanya Razavi is an independent woman who works hard and puts in all her efforts to succeed. 

She faced many problems in her childhood but she showed up. Though she was living a great life, internally she was facing many hurdles in her life. However, she started acting and played every role in an efficient way to inspire people. Consequently, she succeeded in every step of her life and then decided to join fashion designing. She did a great job there too. 

She was living her life but her spouse added life to her living. Now, she leads a happy life with her beloved family. She always tried to do more interesting and amazing roles to shine brighter and reached the steeple of success. 

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