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Britt Robertson is an American actress best known for her roles in films like The First Time, Delivery Man, Tomorrowland, and A Dog’s Purpose, as well as the television series Under the Dome and For the People. She has built an impressive acting resume over the past decade and has accumulated significant wealth along the way.

Britt Robertson

Net Worth:
$5 Million

$0.3 Million +

Monthly Income:
$30,000 +

American actress

33 Yrs

5′ 3″ (1.60 m)

Date Of Birth:


Background & Early Life

Britt was born Brittany Leanna Robertson on April 18, 1990 in Charlotte, North Carolina. From a young age, Britt enjoyed performing. She began acting professionally at the age of 10 when she landed roles in local theater productions. When she was 14, her grandmother moved with her to Los Angeles so Britt could pursue acting full-time.

In LA, Britt immediately started booking jobs, appearing in TV shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Hollywood Division. Her first major role came in 2007 when she was cast as Michelle Seaver on the sitcom Life Unexpected. This breakout part led to a slew of other television and film roles over the next few years.

Acting Career

Some of Britt’s most noteworthy acting credits include playing Lux Cassidy on Life Unexpected (2009-2011), Angie McAlister on Under the Dome (2013-2015), Casey Newton in Tomorrowland (2015), Sophia Danko on For the People (2018-2019), and Grace Douglas in A Dog’s Purpose (2017).

Her talent and likeable on-screen presence has made her a sought-after actress for both television and Hollywood movies. From teen dramas to major blockbuster films, Britt has proven she can take on a wide range of diverse roles. She continues to act frequently, having appeared in multiple new projects almost every year for the past decade.

Net Worth & Earnings

Thanks to her successful acting career spanning over 15 years now, Britt Robertson has amassed an impressive net worth. As of 2024, Britt Robertson’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million.

The bulk of Britt’s wealth has come from her salaries earned acting in movies and TV shows. Some of her biggest paydays likely came from major films like Tomorrowland and A Dog’s Purpose. Stars of her level typically make at least a few million dollars per big-budget film appearance. Britt also earned solid paychecks for her roles on recurring TV shows over multiple seasons like Life Unexpected, Under the Dome, and For the People.

On top of her acting income, Britt also supplements her wealth through endorsement deals and sponsorships with brands like Neutrogena and Bugle Boy. As she continues acting frequently while entering her mid-30s, Britt Robertson’s net worth will only continue rising.

Personal Life

Britt has been dating American actor Graham Rogers since 2016 after meeting on an airplane. The couple currently resides together in Los Angeles.

Though Britt keeps a lot of her personal life out of the public eye, she has shared bits and pieces over the years through interviews and on social media. Along with acting, Britt seems passionate about fashion, photography, traveling, and supporting various charities.

Britt Robertson Age & Height

Britt Robertson was born on April 18, 1990. As of 2024, she is 33 years old. She stands at 5’5″ tall with a slim, athletic build. With her young looks, Britt tends to play characters several years younger than her actual age on screen.

5 Key Things You Didn’t Know About Britt

  1. She was born in North Carolina: Many fans don’t realize Britt has southern roots having been born and raised in Charlotte, NC before moving to Los Angeles at 14 to pursue acting.
  2. She is the oldest sibling: Britt has two younger sisters named Julia and Chloe who have also done some acting over the years.
  3. She was homeschooled: Once Britt started booking major television roles as a teenager, she was homeschooled to accommodate her filming schedule.
  4. She loves photography: When not acting, Britt enjoys flexing her creative muscles behind the camera as an amateur photographer.
  5. She avoids drinking & smoking: Unlike many Hollywood starlets, Britt abstains from alcohol and says she has never smoked a cigarette.

Britt Robertson’s Future & Upcoming Projects

Now in her early 30s with nearly 20 years of acting experience, Britt finds herself busier than ever in Hollywood. Coming off recent successes with major movies like I Still Believe (2020), Britt has multiple new films set for release in the coming years.

She is starring alongside Milo Ventimiglia in Devil in Ohio in late 2022. She also plays the lead role in Something From Tiffany’s expected in 2023. With her talent and likability on screen, offers for new roles just keep pouring in for Britt.

Given her young age still, Britt should have many more years of successful acting ahead of her. Fans can expect plenty more starring roles for Britt Robertson in major television shows and movies over the next decade. Her wealth and fame have nowhere to go but up in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Britt Robertson

What ethnicity is Britt Robertson?

Britt Robertson is Caucasian. She has Scottish, English, German, and Swiss ancestry.

What was Britt Robertson’s first role?

Britt’s first ever acting role came at age 10 when she played a character named Matilda in a local theater production of Matilda in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her first television role came at 13 years old with a small guest spot on the crime drama seriesCSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Is Britt Robertson related to Robbie Robertson?

No, Britt Robertson is not related to Canadian musician Robbie Robertson. She gets asked this a lot but they simply share the same surname by coincidence.

What singer is Britt Robertson’s boyfriend?

Britt Robertson has been in a long-term relationship with actor Graham Rogers since 2016. Rogers is known for roles in TV shows like Quantico and Atypical. He had a short-lived music career and released a pop album called Echoes Through Windows in 2010 during his teenage years.

What is the next movie Britt Robertson will be in?

As of 2024, Britt is slated to be in two upcoming movies – Devil in Ohio releasing in late 2022, followed by Something From Tiffany’s in 2023. Britt plays the lead character in both these upcoming thriller/drama films.

So in summary, while still young in her acting career, Britt Robertson has already made quite an impact in Hollywood over the past 15 years. With her $7 million net worth, Britt has proven she is a bonafide movie star now able to headline major films and television series. And at just 33 years old in 2024, her success story seems far from over with many more stellar roles likely still ahead of her.

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