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Brett Goldstein Ellis is an American actor and writer best known for his role as Roy Kent on the popular TV comedy series Ted Lasso. He has received critical acclaim and accolades for his performance on the show, including Emmy and SAG award wins. Apart from acting, Ellis has also written various other TV shows over the years. Let’s take a closer look at his career, net worth, and other details.

Brett Goldstein

Net Worth:
$7 Million

$0.4 Million +

Monthly Income:
$45,000 +

British actor

43 Yrs

1.80m. (5’11”)

Yearly Income:
$0.5 Million +


Date Of Birth:

Birth Place:
Sutton, United Kingdom

Howard Goldstein, Vivienne Goldstein

Early Life and Background

Brett Goldstein Ellis was born on May 15th, 1980 in Stamford, Connecticut. Not much is known publicly about his family and upbringing. As a child, Ellis participated in drama clubs and school plays, showing an early interest in acting and performance. After graduating from high school, he went on to attend the University of Tennessee Knoxville where he studied film.

During his time in college, Ellis got involved with stand-up comedy, doing open mic nights in the local area. He then transferred to Hunter College in New York to further study film and pursue comedy opportunities in the city. After graduating, Ellis fully committed to trying to make it as an actor and comedian.

Acting Career Beginnings

Ellis struggled during his early days in New York, working odd jobs while going to endless auditions and open mics. His breakthrough came when he landed a role on Adult Swim’s sketch comedy show Delocated. From 2009-2013, Ellis appeared on the show as the series lead “Jon” and also served as a staff writer.

This opened the door to more acting opportunities. Ellis went on to have small roles on TV shows like Superstore, Future Man, and The Good Place. He also started getting cast in commercials and internet sketch comedy videos. While continuing to act, Ellis also kept busy writing for shows like Girls, High Maintenance, and Divorce.

Rise to Fame on Ted Lasso

Ellis’ big break came in 2020 when he was cast as retired soccer star Roy Kent in the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso starring Jason Sudeikis. Thanks to his cranky, foul-mouthed, yet ultimately soft-hearted performance, Ellis became a breakout star of the show’s debut season.

The part showcased Ellis’ talents as both a comedic and dramatic actor. His work garnered much critical praise, winning him the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 2021 and 2022.

Ellis has continued his scene-stealing performance as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso’s second and third seasons. He has also served as a writer and producer on the show behind the scenes. The combination of his comedic chops and dramatic skills has made his character a fan favorite.

Other Projects

While Ted Lasso has occupied much of Ellis’ time in recent years, he has still found opportunities to take on other roles as well. In 2021, he appeared in the action movie Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds. Ellis also starred alongside Emilia Clarke in the holiday romantic comedy Last Christmas the same year.

On the writing front, Ellis created the soccer comedy The Kickabout for NBC’s streaming platform Peacock in 2022. He is also developing other TV projects behind the scenes under his new production company Two Brothers Pictures. Between acting and writing, Ellis remains very busy even as Ted Lasso continues it’s successful run.

Personal Life

Ellis tends to keep his personal life private outside of his career in the entertainment industry. While not much is known about his dating history, it has been reported that Ellis has been in a long term relationship with poet Brandy Jensen. The couple resides together in London with their dog.

In interviews, Ellis has spoken about his struggles with mental health issues like depression and anxiety especially early in his career. He practices transcendental meditation to help manage stress. Ellis also follows a pescatarian diet and enjoys activities like soccer, yoga, and surfing in his free time.

Net Worth

According to various reports, Brett Goldstein Ellis has an estimated net worth of around $8 million as of 2022. Most of his wealth has accumulated in recent years thanks to the success of Ted Lasso. Ellis likely commands a salary in the mid six-figures per episode for his acting and writing work on the show.

As his star continues to rise, his earning potential also grows through bigger acting roles and writing/producing deals like his Two Brothers Pictures company. With Ted Lasso signed on for additional seasons and other projects in the works, Ellis’ net worth has plenty of room to steadily climb in the coming years.


Who is Brett Goldstein Ellis?

Brett Goldstein Ellis is an American actor and writer best known for playing retired soccer star Roy Kent on the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, for which he has won two Emmy Awards.

How old is Brett Goldstein Ellis?

Brett Goldstein Ellis was born on May 15, 1980. He is currently 42 years old as of 2022.

How tall is Brett Goldstein Ellis?

Ellis is reportedly around 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm in height by multiple sources online.

Is Brett Goldstein Ellis married?

No, Brett Goldstein Ellis is reportedly not married, though he has been in a long-term relationship with poet Brandy Jensen. The couple lives together in London.

What is Brett Goldstein’s net worth?

Brett Goldstein Ellis has an estimated net worth around $8 million as of 2022, largely accumulated from his breakout role on the hit series Ted Lasso in recent years.

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