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Boosie Badazz (born Torrence Hatch) is an American rapper best known for his hardcore lyricism and Southern hip hop style. With several popular independent studio albums and mixtapes under his belt, Boosie has cultivated a dedicated fanbase over the past two decades.

Boosie BadAzz

Net Worth:
$10 Million

$1 Million + 

Monthly Income:
$80,000 + 

American rapper

41 Yrs


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Boosie Badazz’s Net Worth

Boosie Badazz’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000 as of 2023. While he enjoyed some commercial success, especially with his breakout major label debut album “Bad Azz” in 2006, legal troubles sidetracked his career for several years. However, since being released from prison in 2014, Boosie Badazz has been working hard to rebuild his wealth through touring, merchandise sales, albums, and other business ventures.

Some of the highlights of Boosie Badazz’s earnings and net worth over the years include:

  • Earning over $10 million from various recordings in the 2000s at the height of his commercial success
  • Generated an estimated $600,000 per year from touring and live performances in the late 2010s after prison release
  • Bagged a reported $1 million contract deal with Atlantic Records in 2018
  • Launched a flourishing Bad Azz Entertainment independent record label
  • Owns trucking company Bad Azz Movers LLC along with other business investments

Even though he is not as wealthy currently as the top rappers in the industry, Boosie has successfully rehabilitated his career after a 5-year prison stint. As he continues touring and recording new music, his net worth will likely continue rising.

Boosie Badazz’s Age & Early Life

Boosie Badazz was born as Torrence Ivy Hatch on November 14, 1982 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As of 2023, he is 40 years old.

Boosie endured a very difficult upbringing marred by family struggles and violence. With an absent father and mother addicted to drugs, he was primarily raised by his grandmother. His family was unable to provide stability and structure, so he turned to the streets and got involved with criminal activities from a young age.

Seeing older family members dealing drugs and participating in other illegal pursuits, Boosie joined a gang called “Ratchet City” as a pre-teen. He even used drugs himself for a couple of years before straightening out his life by age 14. During this transitional phase, he discovered rap music, which gave him an outlet from the streets.

Boosie Badazz’s Music Career

After a brief stint with the hip hop collective Concentration Camp in the late 90s, Boosie Badazz launched his solo career in 2000. The 17-year old raw street poet quickly made waves locally with his Trill Entertainment/Pimp Squad Click affiliation.

His prolific independent output throughout the 2000s built him a cult-like following. Standout early projects showing off Boosie’s lyrical craftsmanship and reality raps include “Youngest of the Camp” (2000), “For My Thugz” (2002), “Bad Azz” (2006), “Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz” (2009), and more.

Boosie’s unfiltered street narratives resonated widely, garnering him regional stardom. Major labels came calling, with Badazz inking a deal with Warner Bros imprint Asylum Records in the late 2000s. This ushered his commercial peak era, with “Bad Azz” becoming his highest charting album.

However, soon after the critical acclaim, his career derailed abruptly due to a prison sentence from 2009 to 2014. While incarcerated, he continued releasing music and writings legally through third parties. Fans eagerly awaited his comeback after prison.

True to form, Boosie Badazz hit the ground running upon release; promptly unleashing the aptly titled “Touchdown 2 Cause Hell” album. He remains one of the most prolific artists from the South. Showing zero signs of slowing down, the Louisiana rap veteran continues dropping fiery tracks and projects.

With nearly two decades deep in the rap game now, Boosie’s defiant spirit and prolific output solidifies his legacy. His street-certified catalog brims with hood tales that influenced countless Southern stylists after him.

Boosie Badazz Height & Health Struggles

In terms of physical stature, Boosie Badazz stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is slightly below the average height for American men. However, despite a shorter frame, he packs plenty of intensity and personality.

Over the years, Boosie has also battled several serious health issues. Most notably:

  • Diabetes diagnosis around 2008
  • Kidney cancer in 2009 while incarcerated, resulting in surgical removal of his kidney.
  • Further complications from diabetes, leading to additional surgeries and hospitalizations.

In fact, the kidney cancer discovery happened shortly after he signed a major label deal with Asylum/Warner Bros. Records. The unfortunate diagnosis and sentence stalled what looked to be a career ready to blow up commercially.

However, Boosie has soldiered on valiantly, maintaining an active recording and tour schedule despite periodic health scares. Focused on fitness these days, he seems to be managing the diabetes much better after adopting a healthier lifestyle. Having survived immense adversity, fans continue rooting for more triumphant chapters in his underdog story.

Legal Problems & Prison Sentence

As Boosie first revealed via early songs, he participated actively in street crime like dealing drugs from a young age. Gun charges, probation violations and parole infractions piled up periodically through the 90s and 2000s.

However, the start of more serious legal predicaments came in 2008 when Boosie was indicted on 1st degree murder charges. Prosecutors alleged his involvement plotting the murder of a man named Terry Boyd earlier that year. He also faced charges like conspiracy, distributing narcotics and contraband smuggling.

Boosie maintained innocence but the D.A.’s office persisted, eventually resulting in a life sentence rendered in 2009. After exhausting appeals, he entered the Louisiana State Penitentiary in 2010 while continuing the fight for exoneration. Five years later, the murder charges got dismissed finally due to lack of evidence tying him directly.

A plea deal led to Boosie’s early release in March 2014 after he served 5 years. While he pleaded guilty to lesser charges, the rapper emerged fully vindicated from the life sentence-level accusations. In subsequent years, he focused energetically on relaunching his music career and life.

Boosie Badazz’s Interesting Facts & FAQs

Here are some interesting bits of trivia and frequently asked questions about the one and only Boosie Badazz:

How did Boosie get the “Boosie Badazz” nickname?

As a kid, family called him “Boo” from a young age, eventually morphing into “Boosie.” The “badazz” portion came from one of his early song names “Youngest of da Camp” where he refers to himself as “Young Bad Azz.” The full “Boosie Badazz” moniker stuck shortly thereafter in the early 2000s.

What are some iconic Boosie Badazz songs?

Some of Boosie’s biggest hit singles include early Trill Entertainment-era tracks “Swerve,” “Zoom” and “Give Me That.” His breakout major label single “Wipe Me Down” featuring Foxx and Webbie also helped launch him commercially. Post-prison comeback hits include “Don’t Shoot,” “Black Heaven,” and “Set It Off.”

What is Boosie Badazz’s best album?

Fan-favorite releases include “Bad Azz,” “Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz” and his post-prison redemption album “Touchdown 2 Cause Hell.” His prolific catalog features plenty of critically-acclaimed projects though, making it difficult to pick a single best album necessarily.

Who has Boosie Badazz collaborated with?

Boosie hails from Louisiana so he frequently collaborates with local acts like Webbie, Foxx, and Lil Phat. Outside Trill Ent camp, Boosie has done songs with high-profile names like T.I., Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Gorilla Zoe, and Jeezy over the span of his career.

Is Boosie Badazz married?

Boosie has never officially married. However, he has at least eight children with six different women (as of 2020).

Has Boosie Badazz been shot before?

Yes, Boosie suffered gun shot wounds in multiple separate incidents. In 2001, he got shot in the elbow, hand, abdomen and thigh during an attack at a nightclub. Several years later in 2010, assassins shot up his car in an attempted hit, causing a bullet to graze his former manager’s forehead. Fortunately Boosie escaped serious harm on that occasion.

What is Boosie Badazz’s connection to Lil Phat?

Fellow Louisiana rapper Melvin Vernell III went by the stage name Lil Phat and signed to Boosie’s

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