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Card Game is one of the entertainments that people are still playing manually as well as on the computer. It not only gives us fun and people spend quality time with their loved ones. Online gaming has attracted the world through its fascinating features. And FreeCell 123 Game is now top of the world. There are huge personalities who are enjoying their most of the time by playing such games. So, whether you have played before or it’s your first try. You would definitely inspire by the rules and the game itself.

How To Play FreeCell 123 Game

You might be aware the FreeCell 123 is a full-screen classic solitaire card game. In this game, you need to build stacks of cards in descending order with the opposite colors red and black. What you have to do is drag and drop any card into one of the four free cells on the top left. After that, you need to beat free cell solitaire by getting all 52 cards into the four suit oriented foundation in the top right. 

Basically, it is a fun and challenging skill game that one can definitely be won every time if played with great tricks and the right move. 

With that being said, knowing what the right move in many cases is easier said than done. A lot of players spend quite some time before they can beat the game, but that’s what makes it fun. And trust us, the feeling of achievement when you’ve won your first game is incredible. So, how do you play FreeCell?

The game can be played with one deck of cards. FreeCell has eight tableau piles, four foundation piles, and four open cells. The four foundation means you need to place cards from Ace to King. And the four open cells can be used to place extra cards. These cards can be shuffled in and out of these free cells. 

Let’s come to the FreeCell tableau piles that are built download with alternating colors. It means you can move a file around the board containing 5 or fewer cards. The cards that are placed at the top in the free cell, you can move them. . The card cannot be moved physically, but there must be space available for the pile move to occur.

To win the game, you need to place all the cards into the four foundation piles by suit from Ace to King and then you will be a winner. FreeCell can be enjoyed by everyone no matter whatever your age is. This version of the FreeCell will keep you running back for more new versions of this game. Challenge yourself to a game of FreeCell that will keep your mind sharp and healthy throughout the day.

Strategy To Play FreeCell 123 Whenever You Want

  • First of all, build tableau piles down by alternating color.
  • Immediately place all FreeCell cards into the foundation piles to move towards victory.
  • For every empty column, you may move one additional card in it.
  • Work on your skill as virtually every free cell game can be won.

Top Best Interesting FreeCell Type Game

Here are top FreeCell type games that you can play to upgrade your skills and for entertainment. Check below shown and choose if you like any for an amazing time to spend worthy. 


Penguin is a challenging game invented by David Parlett. It can be a great type of FreeCell. This card game will start with three cards in the foundation piles and the remaining card of the same rank is buried at the bottom of the first pile. You will definitely enjoy this interesting game. 

Challenge FreeCell

Challenge FreeCell is a game that is invented for the basic players as the FreeCell is the toughest to win. So, if you are new to the gaming world, then you can start your game with this basic version and you will definitely learn how to play. 

Sea Towers

Sea Towers is one of the best and popular types of FreeCell. It allows you to expand the tableau to 10 piles but restricts moving down in suit instead of an alternate color. The game is amazing like FreeCell that will not only give you entertainment but also challenges to take and win the game. Find out some healthy tips that will let you know how to play it more effectively. 


Antares is an original game that is also quite popular. The game has combined its rules with FreeCell and Scorpion. These both are great to play as a beginner or a regular player. Learn some basic tips and enjoy your spare time. 

Final Words

There are some more games like FreeCell that you can play whenever you are free and want to spend a great time. Some of the games include:

  1. Sudoku
  2. Spades
  3. Bridge
  4. Checkers
  5. Hearts
  6. Video Poker
  7. Blackjack
  8. Chess
  9. Word Search
  10. Solitaire

So, choose any of the games that you want to play and have a lot of fun and excitement. Enjoy your time and polish your skills and talents in playing online games.

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