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In 2023, finding the right ad network as a publisher is crucial for monetizing your website or mobile app. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know which ad networks are best to work with. This article will break down the top 10 best ad networks for publishers to consider for 2024 based on factors like high RPMs, quality traffic, strong reporting, and excellent advertiser base.

What Should Publishers Look for in an Ad Network?

When evaluating ad networks, publishers should look for these key factors:

  • High RPM rates – The revenue publishers can earn per thousand ad impressions. Higher is better.
  • Premium advertisers – The quality of advertisers running ads on the network. More recognizable brands mean higher RPMs.
  • Relevant traffic – An ad network that provides targeted visitors who are more likely to engage.
  • Strong reporting – Robust reporting tools to provide insights into revenue, clicks, CTR, impressions etc.
  • Timely payments – Networks should pay publishers on time with no delays or hassles.
  • Dedicated support – Good networks provide publisher support and optimization guidance.

Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Publishers

Based on the criteria above, here are the top 10 best ad networks for publishers to consider for 2024:

1. Google AdSense

  • Largest ad network with massive demand and premium brands.
  • Easy to implement with multiple ad formats like display, video, native etc.
  • Strong performance and high RPMs in most niches.
  • Wide targeting capabilities.
  • Robust reporting and analytics.
  • Responsive account management support.


  • High-quality native and contextual ads with strong CPM/RPM rates.
  • Direct deals with top advertisers like Yahoo, Bing, Amazon.
  • Advanced targeting technology.
  • Great for sites focused on technology, business, and finance content.

3. Ezoic

  • Uses AI and machine learning to optimize ad layouts and placements.
  • Significantly lifts ad earnings for publishers over other networks.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting.
  • Higher ad visibility with 100% page coverage.

4. AdThrive

  • Works well for major online publishers & blogs earning $100k+ per month.
  • Dedicated optimization experts to maximize revenue.
  • Curates custom in-feed ads.
  • Average CPMs of $10-20+.

5. Amazon Associates

  • Lets publishers earn commissions promoting Amazon products.
  • Wide selection of affiliate products.
  • Up to 10% commissions on eligible purchases.
  • Works best for product review sites, deal sites etc.

6. MediaVine

  • Excellent for lifestyle sites focused on entertainment, fashion, beauty, health etc.
  • Engaging native ad formats like in-article video.
  • Brand safety and content compliance monitoring.
  • Strong average RPMs around $12+.

7. Revcontent

  • Best for informational content sites with a US audience.
  • Earn money promoting trending news links in widgets.
  • Dashboard to control types of ads shown.
  • Payments issued quickly.

8. PropellerAds

  • Good popunder ad network with global reach.
  • Great for less niche sites wanting to monetize worldwide traffic.
  • Average eCPMs of $1-5.
  • Lots of customization options.

9. Clickadu

  • Top paying mobile ad network.
  • Specializes in high-performing interstitial and banner ads for apps.
  • eCPMs averaging $10-30+.
  • Marketplace of premium mobile DSPs and brands.

10. Epom

  • Full-stack ad serving platform with multiple ad formats.
  • Affordable payment terms as low as net 15.
  • Real-time statistics and analytics.
  • Ideal for mid-sized publishers.


Google AdSense generally pays the highest RPM rates across the board along with other top networks like Ezoic, AdThrive, and for premium publishers. But niche ad networks like MediaVine (lifestyle) and Clickadu (mobile) can have the highest CPMs for their focused audience.

For smaller sites just starting out, PropellerAds, Epom and Revcontent are good ad networks to begin with that have reasonable minimum traffic requirements. Once a site starts building significant traffic, Google AdSense or are recommended for higher earnings.

The highest paying ad network title depends on the niche, geo-traffic, and other variables. For display ads, Google AdSense, Ezoic, AdThrive and tend to pay the most per thousand impressions (RPM). For native ads,, Revcontent and MediaVine perform well. For mobile ads, networks like Clickadu pay very high eCPMs.

Yes, publishers should leverage multiple ad networks and not just rely only on Google AdSense for the best monetization results. Testing different networks allows you to compare earnings and find ideal partners tailored to your audience and content.


Choosing the right ad networks for your website or mobile app plays a big role in your ability to effectively monetize your content and audience. Be sure to test a mix of display, native, mobile, affiliate, and geo-targeted ad networks. Analyze the results you get from each one in terms of both revenue generated and impact on the user experience. With the top networks listed above, you can build a high-performing ad optimization strategy for 2024 and maximize your ad revenue.

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