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Belinda Carlisle is an American singer and songwriter who first gained fame as the lead vocalist of the all-female rock band The Go-Go’s in the 1980s. As a solo artist, Carlisle went on to have a string of pop hits that made her one of the most successful female artists of the late 80s. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Belinda Carlisle’s life and career, including her net worth, age, height and other biographical details.

Belinda Carlisle

Net Worth:
$22 Million

$1 Million +

Monthly Income:
$1,50,000 +

American singer

65 Yrs

5 Ft 7 In (1.70 m)

Yearly Income:
$2 Million +


Morgan Mason (m. 1986)

Date Of Birth:

Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California, United States


Harold Carlisle, Joanne Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle’s Net Worth

Belinda Carlisle has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2023. The majority of her wealth has come from her successful music career spanning over 4 decades. With the Go-Go’s and later as a solo artist, Carlisle has sold over 15 million albums worldwide. Some of her biggest hits like “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” and “Mad About You” continue to earn royalties as well. Outside of music, Carlisle has earned money from touring, merchandising, television appearances and other business ventures. Even after stepping back from recording and touring in recent years, Belinda Carlisle maintains her multi-millionaire status through residuals and wise investments.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Belinda Jo Carlisle was born on August 17, 1958 in Hollywood, California. She expressed an interest in music at a very young age and was especially fond of The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. As a teenager in the mid-70s, Carlisle was already dabbling in drugs and alcohol. After dropping out of high school at age 16, she worked several odd jobs to support herself before eventually pursuing a career in music.

Carlisle’s first band was The Germs, serving as their drummer under the stage name “Dottie Danger” in 1977. However, she only performed with them live a few times before leaving to co-found The Go-Go’s. The Go-Go’s would go on become one of the most successful all-female rock bands of all time, releasing hit songs like “We Got the Beat” and “Our Lips Are Sealed”. They helped Carlisle kick her drug addiction and reach sobriety. Her time in the band opened doors for her eventual solo career later that decade.

Chart-Topping Solo Success in the 1980s

After The Go-Go’s disbanded in 1985, Belinda Carlisle went on to have a remarkably successful solo career. Her debut solo album, Belinda, was released in 1986 and included the hit single “Mad About You”, which reached #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, it was her second album, Heaven on Earth (1987), that propelled her to international pop stardom. The album sold over 5 million copies globally and was certified Platinum multiple times in the US and UK. It featured Carlisle’s iconic #1 smash hit “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” as well as top ten singles “I Get Weak” and “Circle in the Sand.”

Carlisle continued her solo success with more best-selling albums like Runaway Horses (1989), Live Your Life Be Free (1991) and Real (1993), churning out hit pop singles throughout the late 1980s and early 90s. She adopted a glamorous blonde bombshell image in her music videos and concerts that complemented the emotional yearning in lyrics and vocals. While she slowed down her musical output later in the 1990s, her legacy as a pop icon was already cemented, thanks largely to her earlier solo work which fused catchy melodies with an earnest, passionate delivery.

Later Musical Projects & Reunions

While Belinda Carlisle recorded less frequently in the late 1990s and 2000s, she continued releasing the occasional single and starring in various TV shows and movies over the years. She reunited with her former bandmates from The Go-Go’s several times after their initial 1985 breakup, including successful headlining tours in the early 2000s. The band was also honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2011 and was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2021.

In 2017, Carlisle released a greatest hits collection, Belinda Carlisle’s Runaway Live, featuring studio recordings of her live concert performances over the years. In August 2021, she dropped a brand new English studio album called Belinda and embarked a world tour that same year to promote it. The album release and return to touring after years away reinvigorated longtime fans of her music. Now in her 60s, Belinda Carlisle continues to entertain audiences globally by playing her classic pop hits live in concert.

Personal Life & Other Facts

  • Age: Belinda Carlisle is currently 64 years old. She was born on August 17, 1958.
  • Height: Carlisle stands at a relatively short height of 5 feet 1 inch or 155 centimeters.
  • Family: Since 1986, Carlisle has been married to Morgan Mason, former politics activist and film producer and the son of actor James Mason. Together they have one child, James Duke Mason, born in 1992.
  • Residence: Belinda Carlisle split her time between residences in France and Thailand before settling mostly in the United States again recently.
  • Interests: Carlisle practices and is a strong advocate of Buddhist philosophy. She is also an animal welfare activist and avoids eating animal products as part of a vegan diet.
  • Awards: Her awards and honors include a Grammy nomination, two American Music Awards, three #1 Billboard singles, five Top 10 UK singles and lifetime achievement awards from LA Music and GLAAD.

Belinda Carlisle FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about 80s pop icon Belinda Carlisle.

What ethnicity is Belinda Carlisle?

Belinda has Irish-French ancestry from her maternal grandmother and Scottish-English roots from her paternal grandfather.

How did Belinda Carlisle get discovered?

Carlisle was initially discovered when she co-founded the band The Go-Go’s, which came to prominence in the LA punk rock scene of the late 1970s before finding mainstream success by the mid-1980s.

How much did Belinda Carlisle make with The Go-Go’s?

With record sales for their studio albums, profitable touring and merchandising deals, Carlisle is estimated to have earned $3-5 million total during her time with hugely successful all-female band The Go-Go’s.

What was Belinda Carlisle’s biggest song?

Carlisle’s signature song and lone #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit was 1987’s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth”. It remains one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable hits of the 1980s decade.

Did Belinda Carlisle have a drug addiction?

Yes, Carlisle has been candid about her early struggles with cocaine and quaalude abuse as a teenager and young adult, which lasted until she got sober shortly after her time in The Go-Go’s began.

Is Belinda Carlisle touring in 2023?

As of this article’s publication, there has been no official announcement of a 2023 tour from Belinda Carlisle, although she remains active with occasional shows and public appearances following the release of her 2021 English album.

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